Are These GIANTS of Canadian Immigration As Great As They Appear?

logo was started by Campbell Cohen Law Firm, which has been practicing law for 30 years. David Cohen is the senior attorney at Campbell Cohen Law Firm and he has developed a particular expertise in Canadian immigration. David Cohen is able to represent and advise foreign nationals with the immigration process, both temporary and permanent. is a giant in the Canadian immigration business. The firm employs over 60 members of staff, which includes lawyers, paralegals and support staff. The firm has even developed an immigration network, the Campbell Cohen Immigration Network, also known as Loon Lounge.

David Cohen graduated from McGill’s University from the Faculty of Law. He is a member of the Quebec and Ontario Bar Associations in Canada. He is also a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. We did a lawyer search for the associations that were mentioned on the website and we found that David Cohen is registered with the Barreau du Quebec.

Not everything they seem to be?

The greatest drawing card for is the fact that David Cohen’s name is everywhere giving the impression that he will personally be handling your visa application. However, with a firm this size, chances are that he will never personally look at your application. It would be nice to know exactly who does work on the applications if not Cohen, but the website doesn’t make any mention of who these lawyers of agents are.

The Website

The website for can be quite overwhelming as there is so much happening on each page. When we first looked at the website for we didn’t know where to start, as there is so much information to take in. When we started to sift through the homepage, the information became a bit clearer.

Update has since improved their website’s home page, displaying a professional interface that is easy to use and navigate. The look and feel has improved so much so, that finding what you are looking for is simple, without having to sift through tons of paragraphs of information.



As can be expected from a firm this size, there is a thorough privacy policy, but no refund policy or terms and conditions. is an excellent resource if you would like to learn more about Canada and immigration. There is an option to view the website in French but it is quite small and easily missed.

One oddity is the fact the about us page states it was developed by David Cohen, which one might think strange as David Cohen is a lawyer and not a web designer or developer. Perhaps they actually mean he contributed to the planning of the site and its content? So either he is a man of many talents or this rather misleading sentence was included just to sound impressive? We can’t be sure.


Regardless of who actually developed the site and created the content, it really does offer a lot of useful information and tools. You can read up on the various Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs).

If you are looking for a job in Canada, there is a helpful job search tool where you are able to search for the job that you want.

You may have heard about Canada’s Express Entry by now, and the homepage features an informative video about the new Express Entry system:

But who is Campbell? is a large firm. Their LinkedIn page states that there are other lawyers that work for the firm, but we couldn’t find any indication of who these other lawyers actually are. Surely David can’t handle all the visa applications for himself. Another point we are curious about is: who is Campbell of Campbell Cohen Law Firm?


In the header of the website, we see the names “Campbell Cohen – Canada Immigration lawyers”. We know who Cohen is. But who is Campbell?

We feel that the whole brand of and Campbell Cohen Law Firm is built solely around David Cohen. We’d assume Campbell is David Cohen’s partner in the firm, but why don’t we see any mention of him or her?

Not everyone is happy with

We looked for reviews about David Cohen and, but we didn’t see any on the website. We found reviews online that aren’t flattering to the image of on



All that glitters is not gold, and just because you are paying a large firm unfortunately does not mean you won’t have problems, as can be seen from these reviews. There are complaints about bad service, people being overcharged and people are feeling like another cog in the massive wheel that is If you would like to read the full conversation, you can click here. 

Social Media

Just looking at’s social accounts gives one an idea of just how big this firm really is. The social media presence for is massive and they have so many followers on each platform. The Facebook page for was created in 2009 and has over 165 461 likes. The posts on the page are relevant, regular and interesting. The Twitter page also has a large following of 6167 followers with posts that are similar to their Facebook posts. Both pages receive regular comments and retweets.

However, despite this engagement, we noted very little effort is put into actually responding to these comments: the Facebook page rarely, if at all, has replies to questions or comments.

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, has a YouTube page with video discussions about Canadian immigration. The Loon Lounge allows people that live in Canada, would like to immigrate to Canada or meet people in Canada to interact with each other. There are quite a few videos on YouTube with David Cohen providing information on Canadian immigration and the firm of Campbell Cohen.



No one can say that is a scam because the sheer size of their immigration empire is overwhelming. But what we can say is that their business may have become purely about making money and not about the people that need help. Having such a massive following on social media without responding to clients gives the impression of not caring or valuing clients on a personal level.

David Cohen definitely knows what he is talking about and he has the years of experience to back it up. He (possibly along with Campbell… whoever that is) has built an empire out of Canadian immigration and has done it well. However, we feel that the website could benefit from disclosing who the other lawyers are that work at, instead of giving the misleading impression that your application will be handled by Cohen himself – which is clearly impossible given the size of the firm.

If you have dealt with, Campbell Cohen Law Firm or David Cohen please leave a comment below in our comments section.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

8.6 Score


The Good

  • David Cohen is registered with the Barreau du Quebec
  • They have a large social media following

The Bad

  • There is no terms and conditions and no refund policy


  • Company Identity 90%
  • Legitimacy 100%
  • Features 90%
  • Service Feedback 60%
  • Published Content 90%
  • 100%
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  1. zakaria ouared says:

    I want to travel to Canada in every way

  2. m.chandramohan says:

    Honarable Mr .davidchon
    Really hard worker in law more than 37 years
    Iam watchaing face book in c.I.c news Canada every thing so their
    Online resources are very excellent .iam m.chandramohan


  3. Jacinta Chinenye says:

    please, give more guideline on how to apply

  4. Onabanjo Ayoola Olamilekan says:

    hello, please i need full details on study and work in canada. Thanks.

  5. saloni shah says:

    hey i am looking for canada PR , I applied once 2 years back but they rejected my visa , can you please guide me thru this ? waiting for reply?

  6. Dear All,

    Below is the quote of email reply of the agent I have received. kindly advise me whether should I hire the visa processing service from below mentioned consultant?


    Please note that we are registered with the government of Canada since April 2007 in the province of Ontario under Business Registration
    No. 1720794 Ontario Inc. operating as CANEMP CANADA licensed to provide Immigration, Employment and Relocation Services, that is verifiable from the Government.


    I would highly appreciate your kind assistance on this.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Pragnesh Bhatt

  7. Melchior says:

    We have hired Campbell Cohen law firm to help us for the Canadian VISA Process, they were always very professional and supportive in every step of the process. I surely recommend them to anyone interested in seriously considering the visa process to Canada. Thanks to Campbell Cohen Staff we have the PR.

  8. Auviraj Das says:

    i need a canada visa piz help me

  9. Yang says:

    Don’t waste your money in David Cohen firm. I had a terrible experience with them. The reason I hired them is because I was extremely busy with my PhD work and dissertation and stuff, so I figured it would be nice to hire someone to tell me what documents I need to collect and create a profile for me so I can save some time. Oh, boy, hiring them is one of the biggest mistake in my life.
    To make the story short, I uploaded all my documents to the client’s portal (except my PhD degree because the degree wont be awarded until May. Lindsay (a so-called “submission specialist”) emailed me saying she has created the profile and got a total CRS score of 417. That’s the first mistake they made. My expected score should be 427. It turned out Lindsay forgot to include my wife’s ECA report. I immediately told her that you should update that, and she emailed me back saying she had updated that and the new score of 427 should be reflected within 24 hours. This all happened back in February. And last week in April, the drawing shows a historically low score of 423, which means I should be able to get ITA. However, I haven’t heard anything for a week. So I called David Cohen Law Firm, and guess what, they told me my score was 417. WTF!! Lindsay and her supervisor just BS me, saying they updated my wife’s ECA report back in February, and somehow the CRS point was not updated due to the system glitches on the government’s side. This is ridiculous. Why the fk they just double check if my score had been updated in the past two months? Well, they offered me a solution, which is to recreate and re-submit my profile again hoping I can get ITA in the future drawings. I hope from my personal experience, you guys will learn a lesson about how terrible their service is. And please, if you wanna immigrate to Canada, do yourself a favor, and don’t use their service. Find a better lawyer or do it yourself. Don’t be fooled by their fancy website, because they dont really care about their clients, all they care is the money.

  10. ankit says:

    Baap re 80000 fees le rhe ho kuch kam ke he ya ullu bana inggg…Koi imandar Bhai bataye pl

  11. ankit says:

    Baap re 80000 fees le rhe ho kuch kam ke he ya ullu bana inggg…

  12. Ziya says:

    David Cohan is just a piece of shit and Scam. All he does in the beginning talks exaggerate and tries to show he is best in the world all rest of the world is liars and scammer and once you pay him fee and submit documents he disappeared and we hear just excuses and ignorance of our emails. I just wanna say David Cohan is just a rip offfffffffffffffffffffff.

  13. Will says:

    My wife and I have hired Campbell Cohen to help us with our case. They have been professional and thorough in addressing our needs. We are currently half way though the immigration to Canada process and have achieved some major hurtles thanks to their help. There online resources are excellent and although they sometimes take several days or a couple weeks to awnser our questions via email, they do state that delays like this may occur do to the volume of their clients. I would and do recommend them to friends.

  14. Ampadu Kwadwo says:

    Please last year you told me you would help me to get Canadian visa but you failed me.Thus why I stop charting with you. This year you have started sending me some message concerning Canadian Visa. A4e you going to repeat what you did last year? You must be sincere about what you are doing. Therefore let me know if you can help me or not.Thank you.

    • Mohammad Yasin Mushtaq says:

      This lawyer is good to help for immigration or no..plz reply me +966 5939 12707 whats up

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