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About “It’s Canada Time”

It’s Canada time is a Canadian immigration company based in Toronto, Ontario. Their official website states that they are an international privately owned company with no ties to the government and they aim to provide immigration services using their knowledge of the immigration processes to help people from all over the world migrate to Canada. However, there are no further details about the owners or their background, qualifications, accreditation and experience in terms of handling immigration procedures.

Website and services

We have taken considerable time to study and analyze the website and services provided by It’s Canada Time. The website is particularly well laid out and easy to use, although we found it to be lacking in useful information. This could be since It’s Canada Time have gone out of their way to explain their services by using pretty words and sentences that end up looking very unreal. It’s Canada Time go on to say their well-trained officials will calm the faintest of hearts and will make the visa process a walk in the park, a statement which sounds superficial and misleading at the very least.

The website lacks critical information such as a refund policy, FAQs section, and most important of all it does not show their accreditation with the RCIC. It’s Canada Time claim to provide immigration services including Family sponsorship Program, Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Program, and Business Immigration programs.

Social Media and Online Review

It’s Canada Time have a fairly good presence on the social media front, but it’s not surprising that most of their posts are outdated especially their twitter and Instagram platforms. They do have an updated Facebook page that gives them some respite, although the comments sections are not responded to.


It’s Canada Time have failed to convince on many levels especially for the fact that they have not proved their accreditation with the ICCRC and their RCIC membership, they have also not even attempted to mention their owners. This leaves way too many unanswered questions though they should be commended however for their website presentation that is very easy on the eye.

You can visit their website here:


The Review

4.3 Score


The Good

  • Website presentation

The Bad

  • Lack of accreditation
  • No refund and privacy policies
  • No company information


  • Company identity 40%
  • Legitimacy 30%
  • Published content 50%
  • Features 50%
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51 Discussion to this review

  1. Nebojsa says:

    Ok can u help me, i have gave them my credit card number but i had nothing on it, so they couldn’t take anything and i am still in communication with them, how can i get rid of them and how can i protect my credit card from them now. They are still talking with me because i have to pay them 300€, and allegedly i have 5 days left to pay the money and we can proceed to the next step.

  2. Marie-Odile Nastian says:

    It’s Canada time is a totally fraudulent company. Don’t believe what they say. They ask you to pay 600 € and they never provide any service. And if you ask for refund, even 1 hour after, they don’t do it.
    Check on internet all the reviews: the good ones are fake that they pay for, and all the others are from people like me from whom they took money

    • MUNTEANU says:

      Sono TRUFFATORI ..

      • MUNTEANU says:

        TRUFFATORI per prima cossa

        • Flavio says:

          Hi Munteanu
          How are you?
          How much did you pay?

          Ciao Monteanu
          Come stai?
          Quanti soldi hai pagato?

          • MUNTEANU says:

            Allora o pagato subito 400€
            Miano registrato per la test idoneità .. girando anche tutti documenti … poi in 48 ore mi mandano un email che sono ben venuto ….sotto cerano dei pacchetti che io adesso devo pagare per continuare..
            Ma del test idoneità nulla .. se perso su la strada ..
            E pure mi chiedeva subito altri soldi se no la pratica si cancella… se voi ti giro anche delle ricevute senza numero di registrazione …
            Poi mie venuto il dubbio se o pagato 400€ per non avere neanche test idoneità …
            O cercato sul Internet tutti web e piu di maggior parte parlano male e soldi fregati …
            Io chiesto rimborso visto che test idoneità non ce .. non fidarti non buttare soldi …

      • MUNTEANU says:

        hello .. guys give me a hand .. to delete COMMENTS that or write on the site … I have to cancel and I can not .. I have to register ??

        • Flavio says:

          What did they give you to chance your mind up so down???
          Tell me please!

        • MUNTEANU says:

          Mi date una mano a cancellare commento che o inserito io..
          Voglio cancellare commenti che o inserito ..
          Chi mi da una mano ???

      • Gino says:


      • Gigi says:

        Ha ha ha

        • MUNTEANU says:

          : Sono completamente soddisfatto del risultato. Hanno aiutato con tutte le mie richieste

          e vorrei ricevere aiuto per rimuovere tutti i post precedenti.


    • MUNTEANU says:

      ATTENTION CONFIRMS SCAM SCAM. They are scammers .. Or paid then I asked for more money .. but in reality they are scammers … I can document .. do not trust me they are scammers CAUTION SCAM BOYS CONFIRMS SCAM …

    • MUNTEANU says:

      Mi date una mano a cancellare il commento .. Con me ano usato una procedura diversa e voglio cancellare tutto e non avere con nessuno niente

  3. Melody says:

    They trick people into believing that they qualify for visas while they dont .i payed them €2900 only to find out that they lied when they said i qualify for a visa and now i want my money back .. They are not even a registered company

  4. ANITA KRUGER says:

    I have been scammed for 5099 euros and was led to believe that me and my family would be in Canada by now with jobs, schools and a home. Instead I am currently jobless due to retrenchment and with no contact again from these people and in fact out of the 10 odd people that were in contact with me, there are now three of them whose emails get returned.
    Please assist in logging all complaints of this kind of theft to so that we can ensure that this company gets taken off all media and ensure that they are not able to scam anyone else.

    • Junior says:

      Hi Anita kruger just want to let you know that you are not alone itscanadatime the must fall they ve been scaming people for a long time and this must come to a stop …

      You can also write your review in “Trustpilot” website that will be also helpfull to other victims and shutting them down

      • Anita Kruger says:

        Thank you for the extra reporting site

        It’s Canada Time MUST FALL!!!!!

  5. Junior says:

    This company is a scam…including the agents…Samuel Goldman ..Lucy Hale ..Jack Storm ….you may name them …At first they all helpful conviecing and promises ….and afterwards they where pushing payment upfront so they got hold my credit card details and as soon as the payment was done they ditched me ….they where not answering my calls nor responding to my emails these company scamed me about €4000 ….only to do a research i contacted the Canadian emigration embassy only for them to tell me tht i couldnt qualify for tht visa …so hw come did the itscanadatime company say i qualify while i didnt meaning they where just after my money and my friend frm canada discovered that they dont even have offices based in ontario as thy claim and also in Britain too…..Keep away from these scammers they only gonna suck your money then avoid you for good otherwise they also wait a fee months and tell you your visa was rejected there was nothing they could do

    • Flavio says:

      Hi Junior….
      Thanks for your advices.
      They are very helpful…
      I just started my application!
      I paid already them 400 €.
      Did they give you a reason for your visa to be not accepted?
      The cost should be 3400€.
      They called me with a Canadian phone number.
      After read you I am very worried and confused!

      • Junior says:

        Hi Flavio well these people are really good they make sure to cover their tracks…their offices are not even based in canada…yes they always want a startup fee for 400€…and then the 3400€ aftet the payment you wont hear from them again …

        Well there ar different types of visas e.g work visa …family visa and so forth so i couldnt qualify due to my work qualifications and so forth

        Trust me dont continue with them those people are not even based in Canada i had my Canadian friends investigate …its been 3weeks since i paid the full amount and ivent heard frm them …

        What they do is either make u send them a few documents and then make u wait for 6months and then tell you after 6months that your visa was rejected or thy can just take your money and then ignore you

        So i advice you to keep away they are scammers they will even refuse to give a refund back ive been a victim and i dont want any1 else to be victimised….otherwise if you want to imigrate to canada rather apply directly to the canadian immigration service that will be even much cheaper than paying these scammers

      • Junior says:

        Flavio you are correct they use a cannadian number but they are not based in canada …and if they were in canada then they would ve asked their payments in Canadian dollers instead of Euros …..

        They are based in Bulgaria and there they use Euros that is why they want their payments in Euros …they also dont sound Canadian at all ….All of them .They claim they are world wide bt their offices are never anywher to be found….

        Its just the same people which just change their names en surnames when their are dealing with different clients …i just want to sue this itscanadatime company because its all a fraud and it must be closed down

      • ANITA KRUGER says:

        Flavio they did the same to me until I had paid the full 5099 euros and now I don’t have a visa and don’t hear from them at all. Do not pay anything else please!!

        • Flavio says:

          Thanks guys….
          You are all great people….
          I will fallow your advices….
          Thanks a lot. I really appreciate

  6. Andrew Cockburn says:

    I made the first payment for my girlfriend to gain a Canadian Visa, but i had my doubts. By the time the second payment was due my doubts were really growing so i did some research, this site helped a lot. But i started seeing problems, like the London Office – it does not exist! people also doubt the Toronto one exists either leaving only the Bulgaria one. That makes sense as the payment is in Euros. Why would they take a large payment and then lose money in the exchange rate?
    Be very careful, they appear to be genuine in some ways but are quick to ask for the money. I have nothing to suggest you will see the money or a visa. If you must go with these then pay by credit card as you are covered for the first 90 days. You won’t get any answer from these people within 90 days though so be warned.

  7. Danijel Labas says:

    I have a question , so is its canada time scammers or what??? please respond

    • flavio says:

      i have received an e-mail from “its canada time” with their lawyer RCIC number….
      i cheked it and she is active…..
      i did not start nothing yet…..but i think they are not so bad

      • Danijel Labas says:

        The thing is that they are expensive as hell but you get PR visa for 10 years

        • Flavio says:

          I do not know about prices around….
          In 10 years you could get the citizenship if you want…

    • ANITA KRUGER says:

      5099 EUROS LATER

  8. Paolo says:

    Quando ho deciso di trasferirmi in Canada, ho avuto bisogno di aiuto e ho letto alcune cose negative su questa azienda online, ma anche altre società, quindi ho lasciato il mio numero sul loro sito. Mi hanno chiamato e sin dall’inizio sono stati molto gentili e disponibili. Ho deciso di usare il loro servizio e sono così felice che non ho ascoltato estranei su internet.

    • flavio says:

      Sei in Canada adesso?
      Stai aspettando una loro risposta?
      Hai gia pagato

  9. erik hunter says:

    This company is a total scam they are not based in canada the company is based in bulgaria and they scamming people no one got a canadian pr with this company i lost 4500 euro .
    don’t be in any contact with this scammers

  10. Kamal Mohammed Hussein says:

    My name is Kamal Mohammed Hussein
    My nationality is Ethiopia
    Now i am in SUDAN
    Ethiopia goverment is Killing OROMO people

  11. Shan says:

    Looking for a immigrant consultant. Can someone give me details.

  12. Elisia Ellis says:

    They send me an e-mail…smart move from my side. I don’t use team viewer at all unless though a well known and trusted person, because they have access to your pc and can do whatever they like. If they send you and e-mail you have an option to check if the immigration official is accredited or not on the rcic iccrc web page. This person was not. The only person who popped up is Ogunlewe, Olugem Olukem… Ogunlewe’s name is spelled wrong on their website and she is accredited only in Alberta, which is odd. I have found another person through a friend and went onto their web page. They have credentials on their page and all their consultants are accredited.

    • Bagrat says:

      Elisia, I came across same situation recently. I asked them to send me an agreement and Scanned passport of the Sam Kelly. Did you speak to this person? Or Alex Reed? Are they real people? Because I couldn’t find anyone even on Facebook.

  13. A C MacArthur says:

    This company is a total scam … Do not use stay away … they took my money and the next day I cancelled and did they return my money ahh no did they hell. They told me I started the process.. i never signed or filled in any forms… scam scam
    Remember anyone can make a website with comments. Do your research …

  14. ricky says:

    This company is very suspicious and refused to provide me and my family with the regulated RCIC details in Canada.
    They kept hounding me for payment and were very rude towards us when we decided to not pay them for there services.

    Watch out everyone this is a ghost company.

    • Abi says:

      What was the problem you get with this company

    • Elisia Ellis says:

      I’m having exactly the same problem after telling them that I already found an immigration consultant and lawyer based in my home country and Canada with much cheaper rates.

      • Bagrat says:

        Guys, I’m in contact with the company these days. And the company looks suspicious to me either. Can you please tell me your Facebook accounts, so I can find you and ask more questions on that? My name on facebook is Bagrat Murat, I’m from Kazakhstan

        • Shand says:

          Can you give me a referral for an immigration consultant?

          • Mohammed says:

   works with immigration consultants. They are very good. I got a call from an account manager named Eliza Brown a while ago and she assisted me in understanding the process & assisted me with the registration for the evaluation. As promised, within 21 business days & I was eligible for the Express Entry. I have already been contacted by the RCIC Jimmy Park and he was very helpful.

  15. Peter says:

    I am wanting to Immigrate to Canada and found their web site.
    They made contact with me and wanted a video conference. In order to have a video conference I need to down load Team Viewer. I thought it was odd that they did not want to communicate via Skype…..
    Then I asked for their RCIC number, at first they pretended that they did not know what that was and started pushing for payment, but then when they realized that I had done some research they ended the call very quickly.

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