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It seems as if hundreds of Canadian immigration firms open each day. Unfortunately, the rise is coupled with an increase of scammers looking to steal your money and dash your dreams of a Canadian life. It can be very difficult figuring out who you can trust in this growing field.

Canada IC is clearly one of these new Canadian immigration firms. If you’ve heard of them you should be wondering, do they possess the knowledge and skills necessary to make my immigration application a success? Luckily, we’ll make it easy for you In our Canada IC review right here. Discover if you can put your trust in their services.


We normally start with our general impressions of a company’s website and our Canada IC review is no different. If we could summarize our thoughts about their website into one word it would be – rushed. That being said, their site is definitely organized into a very user-friendly format, so it is easy to use.Canada IC Review of Homepage

However, Canada IC’s web content is very poorly written. It seems as if everything was written by non-native English speakers because the content is written in unnecessarily complex language that no native speaker would use. Apart from the grand vocabulary, the sentences are also poorly constructed and sometimes they are just incomplete. It looks like it was written in a hurry and some of it was clearly inserted into Google translate because it makes little to no sense in some sections.

A great example of their poor writing can be found in their About Us section. Here they refer to their services as “refreshingly unique”, but they never explain what makes their services unique. In fact, what they offer is pretty standard in the field of Canadian immigration. Similarly, in their attempt at convincing you why you should hire their services, they just talk about how immigration lawyers need retainer fees before they offer their knowledge about immigration. It is truly useless information.

Our suspicion about their website being written by a non-English speaker was further heightened when we noticed that their customer support and R&D is located in Israel. Elsewhere on their website, they claim to be based in Vancouver, Canada. Why would a Canadian company employ non-English speakers from Israel to write their content and website? This made us doubt if they are even really based in Vancouver because companies based in Canada would have much more professional websites.

Our Canada IC review cannot be complete without a look at their Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages – boy were we shocked. Their privacy policy states all the normal conditions about handling personal information until we came across a provision that said that they “sell, trade or otherwise transfer to outside parties your name, address, city, town, others”. Is the company really saying that they will sell your personal information to third parties? This is EXTREMELY concerning, you should never allow your personal information to be shared and sold to third parties!

Canada IC review of their Privacy Policy

In their Terms and Conditions things don’t get better. Just like the rest of their website, this section is very difficult to understand due to poor writing. We tried to figure out how their refund policy works and it seems it is only valid if you have paid the full registration fee of $499 and requested it within 7 days of purchasing their services. However, they also say you can’t get a refund if you agreed to their terms and conditions. If you are somehow successful at getting the refund, they will still keep $49 as a service fee. We highly doubt you will be able to pay for their registration without agreeing to their terms and conditions, so the reality is that they probably do not issue refunds at all.


Canada IC provides immigration services for all the standard Canadian immigration programs, these include:

  • Express Entry;
  • Quebec Selected Skilled Workers;
  • Start-Up Visa;
  • Immigrant Investors;
  • Self-Employed;
  • Family Sponsorship;
  • Provincial Nominees;
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot; and
  • Caregivers

If you follow the links to these sections on their website, you will be presented with 1-2 tiny paragraphs about the programs. The content here is truly superficial and frankly does not provide any useful information to a prospective client looking to find out more about Canadian immigration. They might as well have written nothing here, it is that empty.

On their website, they have a section dedicated to “Regulation.” Just reading this word gave us some hope about this company’s credibility, because companies require Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) or Lawyers to legally assist clients with their immigration applications. Again we were left disappointed.

In this section, they only list reasons why working with RCICs is important. They claim to have some in employment, but they never mention their names, RCIC numbers or anything about them really. This meant we had to check the registry on the official Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) website. There are no RCICs listed as working for a company called Canada IC. Does this mean they are lying about who they employ? It is rather concerning.

On a positive note, Canada IC offers free “eligibility tests” for clients hoping to immigrate to Canada. This is a great feature for any company. To be honest, we would not trust the results given by them, seeing as they seem to have a very basic understanding of the requirements of the various Canadian immigration programs. That, coupled with the fact that they do not clearly hire RCICs, makes us have no faith in their ability to determine eligibility for immigration.


Canada IC has a blog section on their website. For a complete picture of the company, we had to look at these articles in our Canada IC review. We were shocked to see that there are only six articles on there, each posted on the 20th of June, 2018.

Judging from the titles, you would think the articles provide relevant, useful information. This is true to a certain extent. We were more let down by the clear lack of effort put into them, for instance, the article titled, “The Average Canadian Salaries By Industry and Region”, is unfinished, with placeholder text referring to charts being used instead of the actual statistics.

Their article titled, “Why Immigrate To Canada”, despite being published this year, makes reference to old annual immigration figures of 200,000. As of 2018, Canada has set their annual immigration target to 300,000 and even higher in the coming years. Canada IC is not up-to-date with Canadian immigration news and trends.

Another article titled, “Canada Ranked Fourth Most-Welcoming Country in the World For Immigrants”, is completely stolen from another immigration company’s blog post titled “Canada Ranked Fourth Most-Accepting Country in the World For Immigrants”. Like the title, there is only a few words difference between the two. Clearly, Canada IC is not familiar with Canadian immigration and they steal their ideas from other companies.

Social Media and Testimonials

According to their website, they have a Facebook account. However, if you click on the button it takes you to page that does not exist. Even a manual search on Facebook leads to no results. We highly doubt the existence of their social media account. Perhaps they have yet to open it?

Seeing as their Facebook is not operational, the only way we could judge customer interaction with the company is by reading the “testimonials” found on their homepage. These testimonials have no detail and are just generic statements about the company. The portraits that accompany them are clearly taken from Shutterstock and do not reflect the author of the testimonials. Given how the rest of their website operates, we do not believe that these testimonials are written by actual customers. It is very likely that Canada IC wrote it themselves. If this is the case, it is just one more lie to add to the pile of Canada IC’s falsehoods.Canada-IC-testimonial

Concluding Our Canada IC Review

In conclusion to our Canada IC review we would like to say something nice about this company, but it is very difficult. We do not think this is a legitimate company that should be trusted. They are clearly lying about many things on their website so it is best to avoid them completely. There is a big chance that Canada IC is just another one of the many Canadian immigration scammers.

If you have had any experience with this company please let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, have a look at a real Canadian Immigration company in our trusted review section here. Make the right decision to Canada with us.

The Review

2.9 Score


The Good

  • Free eligibility test

The Bad

  • Fake Testimonials
  • Unsafe privacy policy
  • No real RCIC
  • Poor and badly written content
  • No social media
  • Not up-to-date content
  • Many possible lies


  • Free eligibility test 100%
  • No visible RCIC 30%
  • No social media 10%
  • Out-of-date content 20%
  • Poor and badly written content 20%
  • Unsafe privacy policy 10%
  • Lies 10%
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