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Can Can-Am Immigration Help You?


Can-Am Immigration is an immigration company with its head office based in Toronto, Canada. Can-Am Immigration provides visa and immigration services to people from all over the world. They also deal with immigration to the U.S.

Can-AM Immigration has four immigration agents that are registered with the ICCRC. Nir Rozenberg is the Director of Operations at Can-Am Immigration, he studied an Immigration Law Program at York College of Industry and Technology. His RCIC number is not provided on the website and there is no link to direct you to the ICCRC website either. His RCIC number is R418015.

Pradeep Thankappan is another RCIC agent that works at Can-Am Immigration. Pradeep immigrated to Canada in 2001 and he has now opened a Can-Am Immigration office in Mississauga. He is fluent in English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. His RCIC number was also not provided on the website but we searched for it and it is R513055.

John Edwards is also a RCIC agent at Can-Am Immigration and his RCIC number is R410175. John worked in Peru for several years and now speaks relatively good Spanish.

The fourth RCIC agent that works at Can-Am immigration is Latifa El-Ghandouri. Latifa is fluent in English, French, and Arabic, she can speak some Spanish. But when it came to searching for Latifa on the ICCRC’s agent search, we couldn’t find her. And because her RCIC number is not provided we cannot trust that she is a registered and recognised immigration consultant.

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The Website

The website for Can-Am Immigration is easy to use and very clear. There is an option to use Google Translate to translate the website into one of the language options provided, there are a lot. Even though the translation will be quite basic, it is a nice touch to the website. But we felt that the homepage is a bit cluttered and there is information everywhere.

There is more than enough information provided for the various Canadian visa options and the US immigration options. There is also a short video telling you about Can-Am Immigration and what they do. What we liked about the video is that it brings in a personal feeling to the website.

What we found a bit strange was that is that the About Us drop-down option is on the right hand side and can be easily missed. We would have preferred if it was in the same area as the Canada Immigration drop-down option.

There is a blog page for Can-Am Immigration and the last post was from the 3rd of October. The blog articles are relevant to Canadian immigration but the articles are not very regular. There is also an option to subscribe to their mailing list.

There is a very thorough privacy policy but there is no terms and conditions or a refund policy.

Social Media

There are links to the social media pages for Can-Am Immigration from the website but once again they can be easily missed.

The Facebook page for Can-Am Immigration has 4808 likes and was created in 2011. The last post is from the 3rd of October and like the blog posts, they are not very regular. The posts are however relevant and some are light and fun to read. This is quite nice as it breaks away from the seriousness of Canadian immigration but is still relevant to Canada.

The Twitter page has 151 and was also created in 2011. The last post is from the 2nd of October and like the Facebook page, the posts are relevant but not regular. .

There is a link to Can-Am Immigration’s LinkedIn account but there is nothing to see there and Can-Am Immigration only has 3 connections.

Overall, the social media presence for Can-Am Immigration isn’t great and it could be maintained more efficiently as there isn’t much traffic through the social media pages.

The Conclusion

The Can-Am Immigration website is easy to use and the information is clear. What we really liked about Can-Am Immigration is that you feel a personal touch to the services that they are providing you.

The testimonials that are provided reiterate this feeling as nearly every testimonial compliments and comments on the thorough service that Can-Am immigration’s staff provided them. Immigrating is a very serious process and you would not want a company to help you that couldn’t be bothered about your outcome.

Amazing immigration consulting firm. I would highly recommend them, specifically Mr. Rozenberg, who helped me to get my wife’s visitor visa approved after she got refused the first time. The service and fees are A+. If you are looking for a professional immigration firm, Can-Am Immigration is your solution.”

– H. Amaach

The one thing that we can fault Can-Am Immigration on is the lack of important documents like the terms and conditions and refund policy. These documents are extremely important.

If you have dealt with Can-Am Immigration please leave a comment below in our comments section, we would love to hear about experience.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

6 Score


The Good

  • There are registered RCIC agents

The Bad

  • There is no terms and conditions and no refund policy


  • Company Identity 50%
  • Legitimacy 70%
  • Features 60%
  • Service Feedback 70%
  • Published Content 50%
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