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Indian based immigration company, BTW Visas, states that they are a “travel agency with core visa specialization” that has processed over 155,230 people since it was created. We put them to the test to see if they are the perfect fit for your Canadian visa needs.


About BTW Visas

BTW Visas website

The company was originally started in 2011 in Pune, India. Since then, the company has grown and now has offices extending to Mumbai and Ahmedabad.


BTW Visas prides itself on being one of the most reliable visa agents in India and states that they have more than five years of visa consultancy experience.


The business is very open about who it hires and has links to each of their employees Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. We really liked this feature as it makes the company appear more transparent.


We were also let down because we could not find out if the company hired an authorized representative (someone who can legally charge for immigration services as either an Immigration lawyer or Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant).


BTW Visas Services


In our BTW Visas review, we found that the company offers a wide selection of travel options. Below is a list of what the company has on offer:

  • Visa assistance to countries like;
    • China;
    • Australia;
    • Canada;
    • The U.S.:
    • England; and
    • The Middle East
  • Air ticket bookings;
  • Attestation & Apostille for those who are travelling for extended periods for business or study;
  • Translation of documents into English, French and German;
  • Travel insurance;
  • Hotel bookings;
  • Travel packages;
  • Business visas; and
  • Travel visas



They are also on the ball with customer response and responded to us while we were browsing their site. We really liked this touch as it gives the impression that they care about their customers’ experience.


BTW Visas clearly outlines the documents you should have for your Tourist and Business visa applications. They are also very open about the pricing and processing times, which is a nice touch.


BTW Visas Website


To be perfectly honest, the business website is really easy to use. It has easy to use navigation toolbars and the content they supply is understandable and easy to read.


Another important factor that BTW Visas covers is their site security. Many sites are not HTTPS secure, but BTW Visas is. This means that you can enter in login details, credit card numbers and other sensitive information and be less vulnerable to third party hackers.

BTW Visas review security

BTW Visas also includes a useful but basic Privacy Policy that shows how your information is used and stored on the website.


We also took at look at their Refund Policy and noticed that there are many grammar errors in their legal document, which is strange for such a large company.

BTS visas refund policy


On the other hand, the attention and detail put into the Terms and Conditions of the company is vastly different. At least professionals seem to have completed this important document.


Social Media


BTW Visas seems to be active on several platforms, namely Facebook and Twitter.


Customer service is important to this company seeing as they have a really healthy score of 4.6 out of 186 of reviews. This is great news as many companies try to hide bad reviews. This transparency is always a good sign when you are looking for a decent company to use.


Many customers like the ones below recommend the company for their professionalism and efficiency.



There were a few negative BTW Visas reviews, like the following.


Any complaints we found mostly had to do with refunds, which we noticed you generally cannot qualify for in most cases. When we looked through the reviews we found that the company responds to customers in many cases, sometimes answering queries and other times thanking people for their cooperation.


In comparison, the company’s Twitter account is a lot smaller with a following of 3,73 people. Despite their small number of followers, BTW Visas still publish regularly about promotions and holiday destinations.


Conclusion for our BTW Visas Review


Honestly, there is not too much we can criticize the company for besides their poor use of English in their Refund Policy.


We liked how simple their services were and that prices and documents were described in the application process. We enjoyed the fact that the company was present with their customer support during the application process and that the company gives you ample ways to get in contact with them.


During our social media reviews, we noticed that the company is also pretty responsive on social media, answering customer complaints and queries regularly.


The fact that their site is also HTTPS secure was another positive for the company and the fact that they supplied both a Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Refund Policy no matter how badly written did help to give the company a good image.


The number of positive customer reviews is also a good sign for BTW Visas, as they were rated positively on Facebook, Trustpilot and Google.


Think this may not be the company for you? Don’t worry here is a list of trusted immigration companies so you can find the right one for you.

The Review

6.2 Score


The Good

  • Good customer services and positive social media reviews
  • Easy to navigate website that is HTPPS secure
  • Present legal documents like Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

The Bad

  • No mention of who is directly in charge or your application


  • Good customer services and positive social media reviews 100%
  • Easy to navigate website that is HTPPS secure 90%
  • Present legal documents like Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions 90%
  • No mention of who is directly in charge or your application 10%
  • Poorly written Refund Policy 20%
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