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Is BEE International Reliable?


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Bee International is an immigration services company with competent staff that are situated around the globe and works around the clock to help you with your immigration needs. Advocate Subash George Manuel is the lawyer that works with the team, he is also the only team member shown on the website.


BEE International assists with immigration services to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.S., and Quebec. BEE International will also help you if you are wanting to study in one of these countries.


The Website


The website for BEE International is user-friendly but it does have a few problems. The information on the website is very outdated. The company does very little to clearly explain their services or what a prospective client should expect from them.


In the footer of the website, there is a “Privacy Policy” and a Terms of Use, but they do not work.  When you click on “Privacy Policy” it takes you to their “About Us” under the heading of Services. When you click on Terms of Use you are taken to the Our Services page that says “will be updated soon”. This is not a good sign for BEE International if they want to become a reputable Canadian immigration services company.


As we mentioned before, BEE International offers immigration services to a number of countries yet Advocate Subash George Manuel is the only lawyer that is listed on the website. Because the number of visa applications for one country alone would probably overwhelm his workload.


When we wanted to look at what information BEE International had about immigrating to Canada we found that this too was limited. For example, the pages for Migrate and Study in Canada contain the same information and neither is particularly helpful.


There are testimonials on the website and most of them are for people that have received their visas for Quebec immigration or Canada. These success stories should slightly reassure you of their credibility in spite of the many worry aspects on their website.




The only contact information on the website is the number and e-mail address that is provided at the top of the page. There is one office address and no mention of any of the other offices that BEE International claim to have all over the globe.


There is an option to take the free online assessment but when you click on it you are redirected to a page that asks you to fill in your email and telephone number. When you click on continue it does not take you anywhere. This is another fault with the website.


Social Media


There are social media links from the website for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. The Facebook page has a substantial following of over 36 000 people and the account was created in 2007. They regularly post content to their page, but they all seem to be focused on Canadian immigration services.




The Twitter account is not as impressive as the Facebook account as it only has over 60 followers and there are only two posts to the account. The last post is from the 25th of October 2011.


The YouTube account has video testimonials from previous clients and once again they are all from clients that have used BEE International to immigrate to Canada.




BEE International works with an Advocate that is recognized in India, but we do not know whether Advocate Subash George Manuel is recognized by the other country’s immigration law systems. If he is not then we do not know how BEE International does immigration services to all of these countries.


Something else that we found odd is that BEE International seems to focus on Canadian immigration and specifically the different visa applications for Quebec. However, on their website, they claim to provide assistance to so many countries. Did they just mention these other countries to make themselves seem more reputable?


BEE International have very good immigration services and a lawyer who is especially experienced in Canadian immigration. They can still improve on a number of issues that we have highlighted in the review.


Please visit our website for more informative immigration services reviews. Let us help you make the right choice.


If you have dealt with BEE International please leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.

The Review

4.8 Score


The Good

  • Regulated
  • Services
  • Social Media

The Bad

  • Website content


  • Company Identity 50%
  • Published Content 40%
  • Legitimacy 60%
  • Website Content 40%
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