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Can you trust Asia Pacific with your immigration needs?

Asia Pacific don’t seem to bother much with the details, but from what we are able to gauge from looking at their site is that they do not put a lot of effort into appearances either. This immigration consultancy is based in Calgary, Canada and they “take great pride in providing [their] clientele with the most efficient services for the process of immigration.”

7469281Maninder Singh Dhillon is their official RCIC representative (#R409807). According to his brief bio found on the website, Dhillon is able to empathize with the immigrant’s struggles as he has undergone the process once too. “While going through the process I felt there were few genuine immigration consultants offering honest, diligent and efficient advice… I made a promise to myself that one day I will become part of the immigration field to make a difference,” he says on his bio. But has he made a difference?

The Website

As previously implied, the site seriously lacks in the content and overall looks department. The few pictures that have been used on the site are clearly stock images and there is nothing that identifies Asia Pacific as a brand other than their logo.

On their “About us” page, we aren’t given any background information about the company other than a personal introduction made by Dhillon himself.

Most of the information on this site is very general. Barely covering the surface of who they are and what exactly they do, they do provide us with a brief on the different visas and programs on offer. In addition to this, the tools and resources page also offers some useful links to assist the immigrant in the application process.

Asia Pacific also has a news section but it is ill maintained with posts dating back to 2012 and the last update being in 2015. They also have an appeals page which explains what would happen if a sponsorship were to be refused.

What they neglected to include was their terms and conditions, refund policy and a privacy policy. These documents are important because the immigrant needs to be informed about who they are dealing with and what their terms are regarding cancellations and refunds, if any exist.

The Service

Asia Pacific charges a flat fee of $100.00 CAD for a consultation. Under their Services tab, they also mention other services which include:

  • Initial assessment
  • The most practical advice
  • Program selection
  • Preparation and submission of the documents
  • Preparation for the interview

Social Media & Online Review

This site has no links to any social media pages and we were not able to find them anywhere on social media which was quite concerning since we had hoped to find out more about this consultancy. In search for any reviews online, we also came up empty since their name is very easily mistaken for another immigration consultancy.


We cannot ignore that fact that this site has an active RCIC member, but there are too many other factors that lower their credibility rating. For instance, who are their other members of staff? How long have they been practicing? What are their terms and conditions? What do they do with our personal information? All of these questions need answers before we can give Asia Pacific Immigration Consultants the go-ahead.

You can visit their website here:


The Review

3 Score


The Good

  • RCIC member

The Bad

  • No T&C's, Refund or Privacy Policy
  • No Social Media Accounts
  • Sparse & general information on site


  • Company Identity 20%
  • Legitimacy 40%
  • Service Feedback 30%
  • Feedback 20%
  • Published Content 40%
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