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Aptech Global Immigration Services is a global leading online immigration solutions provider, claiming top provide immigration assistance to different countries across the globe. They claim to have the sole purpose of helping people to fulfill their immigration goals.

Based in New Delhi, India they fail to mention anything about their accreditation and whether they have a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) in their ranks. They offer immigration services for moving to New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Denmark, and Germany.

Website and Services

The website for Aptech Global Immigration Services is very basic in appearance and in some cases it even looks lazy as not much effort seems to have been put in making the website user-friendly, including spelling mistakes in most of the content. In simple terms, the website of Aptech Global Immigration Services is not up to standard.

The About Us page is equally unremarkable, first of all, the information is not enough and says very little about them in terms of who is the owner, their immigration team, and their background in immigration circles. The management of Aptech Global Immigration Services deemed it necessary to fill their About Us page with promises of what they can provide to their clients without considering the fact that they haven’t mentioned anything about their existence till now.

Surprisingly, on one of the paragraphs, the company even describe themselves as a “one-stop shop for immigration services”.

There is a link to the latest news where it should be commended that most of the articles are up to date. The same can also be said about their blog section which consists of informative articles about Canada, although most of them also contain spelling and grammatical errors. Also, their Visas section is well explained but yet again it is full of spelling mistakes.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the website for Aptech Global Immigration Services contains links to important documents such as Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages.

Aptech Global Immigration Services are involved in the provision of various immigration services to a number of countries but much of the focus is on immigration to Canada.

Some of these services include:

  • Visitors Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Family Visa
  • Driving Licence and Social Insurance Number applications
  • Health card and medical insurance
  • Accommodation and airport pickup

Social Media and Online review

Aptech Global Immigration Services have a very strong presence on social media with links to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flicker and Google+ pages. In particular, their Facebook page is very active, with over 45,000 likes and it is regularly updated with immigration news and information. Their Twitter page is equally impressive with more than 1,500 followers, 360 likes and well over 1600 tweets, illustrating how they view social media as an important communication tool.

Aptech Reviews

We managed to find a few reviews about Aptech Global Immigration Services on mouthshut.com a product and services review website and the results were very positive as it appears that most of their clients are well satisfied with the service from them. We also took the time to run their website through scam adviser and whois.com to gauge their level of trust and they scored a high trust rating on both.


Aptech Global Immigration Services have failed to impress us in a number of ways especially as their legitimacy is questionable because they have put no effort in mentioning anything about accreditation and whether or not they have a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). We would like them to improve the appeal of their website.

However, they seem to have a good reputation if the reviews online are anything to go by. Their social media presence is impressive, and they have made the effort to include important documents like Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages on their website.

We would like to ask any potential clients of Aptech Global Immigration Services to be cautious when dealing with them as the lack of information on RCIC is very worrying.

The Review

4.8 Score


The Good

  • Availability of important online documentation
  • Social Media precence

The Bad

  • Website
  • Lack of information on RCIC


  • Company Identity 50%
  • Legitimacy 40%
  • Features 50%
  • Service feedback 50%
  • Published content 50%
Canadian Visa Review


Canadian Visa Review

Canadian Visa Review is a review site that gives you the exclusive news and stories on Canadian Immigration Agencies. Here at Canadian Visa Review we offer advice to foreign nationals who are looking to immigrate to Canada. Our aim is to help applicants wanting to immigrate to Canada in the shortest possible time by guiding them towards the Qualified Immigration Agencies and Law Firms, including keeping them up to date with immigration Canadian Immigration News. We do not offer immigration services ourselves. If you need assistance, we suggest contacting one of our trusted agents.

11 Discussion to this review

  1. Charanjeet says:

    My friends , be alert . Aptech global is putting fake reviews . They are doing fraud with customers.

    • Jatin says:

      Hi Charanjeet, is there any way to contact you? since i would like to know more about it

  2. WINTER says:

    Anyone knows about the Al Safa Management Consultants (on its 17th year) . Please help me to find this consultant good or bad. They are work in dubai since 2000.03.08.(only for Canada)
    3rd floor, Office #302, Al Maya Supermarket Building
    25 Street, Satwa, Dubai

  3. Charanjeet says:

    Poorest services of Aptech Global, fake immigration agent. Hiding things from you

    • Anchal() RAI says:

      Paji Ki hoya kiven fake lagge tawanu sanu v das do ahi vi apply karan di soch re ne

      • Charanjeet says:

        Anchal ji , apko kaha se genuine lage ? wo bata do . Jo mere saath kiya, aur bhi bohot saare victim honge inkey jaal mein fanse huee. Dua karta hu ..koso door raho inse to .

        • Charanjeet singh says:

          Fake reviews dalwaa rahe ho, aur anchal ji aap apna introduction doge ? kya aap bhi inki fake review team ka member ho ?

          • Himanshu Kanaujia says:

            really are they fake charanjeet, did you have bad experience, please highlight, I was thinking to take their help. Please suggest me good.

    • tejinder says:

      Sir phir kehdey theek hai pl help me out

  4. Shikhar dhawan says:

    I was amazed at how friendly the staff were with me in regards to my visa. I was facing difficulty in understanding the process but the staff spent the time to explain my process from start to finish. They explained me simple manner and solve my issue
    I was surprised as to how quick the process was and also it was great value for money. I would recommend Aptech Global to everyone for visa and immigration.

  5. test says:


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