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Apex Professional Group is a partnership that is segregated into 3 areas; Canadian Immigration, International Education, and International Recruitment. It aims to not only help foreigners to immigrate to Canada but also helps them to find employment and schooling.

Apex Professional Group has an ICCRC logo featured on their website but no information as to who the ICCRC member is. After furthering our research we discovered the company name is not recognised by the ICCRC, on the official ICCRC website.


The Website

On an underlying appraisal of their website, we noted that information was limited. The website was filled with open spaces and small font. The home pages give no introduction as to who they are and what they offer. They do however have an animated header which could possibly give you a feel of what they are all about. Though Apex does mention that they have an affiliation with a licenced ICCRC member, the website provides no proof of this. A point worth mentioning is that Apex Immigration is recognised on the ICCRC website with registered members operating in the same area as Apex professional Group Ltd. We are unsure whether they are the same company or not, they may have no relation at all so we do stand to be corrected. Apex only has four tabs namely; Home, About Us, Sectors We Serve and Contact. Upon clicking on each of these tabs, we weren’t presented with much. As mentioned before, the ICCRC member was not featured on the website, which raises suspicion. The website is cold and impersonal.


Social Media & Online Review

Apex Professional Group only has a Facebook page which hasn’t been updated for a month, which isn’t all that bad. We noticed that there is very little interaction with their followers, as comments and questions are left unanswered and unattended. The page has a following of over 24 000, which should encourage them to boost their online presence. This too offers very little insight into Apex. The Facebook page has many pleas and not much feedback or testimonials, once again leaving us in the dark as to whether they’re credible or not.


The Services

Apex allegedly offers assistance and advice in 3 sectors; Canadian Immigration, International Education and International Recruitment as mentioned above. Their services are offered in 10 different languages; English, Hindi, Polish, Arabic, Persian, Ukrainian, Bengali, Russian, Hebrew and Italian. They focus solely on permanent residency, equipping and assisting immigrants with what’s required of them for their move.



We cannot say with great confidence that Apex Professional Group Ltd. is credible or that they’re to be trusted as they severely lack information and could come across as misleading (claiming to be registered with the ICCRC). Based on what we have found, we are sceptical as to whether they are legit and still in operation.

You can visit their website here: www.apexcorp.ca

The Review

4 Score


The Good

  • User friendly website
  • Good desgin
  • Offers good services

The Bad

  • Outdated social media
  • No visible record of a registered ICCRC member
  • Limited information


  • Company Identity 50%
  • Legitimacy 40%
  • Feedback 30%
  • Published Content 40%
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