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Who are Al Hamza Consulting?

Based in Pakistan, Al Hamza consulting is a self-proclaimed online marketing and immigration consulting agency that assists in preparation for immigration to Canada, Honk Kong and Australia. This consultancy boasts a long-standing experience in the industry, having been established in 1998. We did not find any registered members of the ICCRC, nor any seals displayed on the site, which leads us to believe that they probably do not have any. They do not make mention of any staff members either. This is particularly concerning since Al Hamza claims to assist potential immigrants in the process of immigration. How exactly do they do that and with whom?

The Service

Answering the above question, we uncovered a disclaimer on the footer of their website that states:

The information provided on this site is not legal advice but general information on issues commonly encountered when dealing with immigration matters. Al-Hamza Consulting is not affiliated with the Australian government or Canadian government or Hong Kong government, is not a law firm, and is not a substitute for an attorney or law firm. Al-Hamza Consulting does not provide legal advice, opinions or recommendations to its users. Al-Hamza Consulting only provides self-help services at a user’s direction.

What we could gather from a deeper look of the site is that Al Hamza do offer their services to potential immigrants, but they do not actually run a consultancy. Their services lean more toward administrative duties and general information on immigration. Clients are liable to pay for these services, but they could also find the same information online for free. In their mission statement, Al Hamza pledge to make immigration matters easy, simple and accessible but we cannot say for sure how effective their so-called ‘consulting’ is.

We also noted that they stress the fact that they handle the preparation of immigration rather than actual immigration processing, but to the untrained eye, this implies that they help people prepare for immigration – not prepare to apply for it. They do however provide a free initial assessment.

Al Hamza are clear on the fact that they do not handle any walk-in clientele – all consultations are done virtually. This means that the immigrant would need to contact them either via skype, email, viber, sms or telephone call.

Al Hamza also advertise other services on their site such as real-estate marketing, and online office assistants. What this has to do with Canadian immigration is anyone’s guess.

The Website

The website is a confusing mess. Not only do they not make what their actual service is clear, but their homepage is also saturated with too much content. We appreciate that they wanted to make all of this information easily accessible but we would have preferred that they clean up the interface of their homepage.

Al Hamza Consulting do not have a terms and conditions on their website, even though they provide a billable service. What would happen if someone would like to cancel or refund? They also lack a privacy policy so we cannot tell if a client’s personal information would be safe with them. On their header, they claim to be unmatched in their services and that they strive for honesty, professionalism and credibility but we are willing to debate that statement.

Social Media & Online Review

Al Hamza’s Facebook page seems to be aimed at the real-estate business they seem to be running on the side. All posts are in Arabic so we were not able to decipher them but the last time they posted was August 2015. Their Twitter page seems to reflect more about their ‘consultancy’ services, but that too does not say much about their quality of service. Al Hamza also has a blog which offers more information about immigration to the countries that they offer.




There are no real indicators that they are a scam and for the most part, they are honest about what it is that they do and do not do. Our only issue is that it is implied that they run a legitimate consultancy which they do not because they do not have any RCIC’s or affiliations with lawyers. The fact that they do not have a terms and conditions or privacy policy also does not inspire a lot of trust – especially since they are rendering multiple services on one site.

You can visit their website here: www.alhamzaconsultinginc.ka

The Review

3.4 Score


The Good

  • Blog section

The Bad

  • Multiple services
  • Confusing site
  • No RCIC


  • Company Identity 20%
  • Legitimacy 30%
  • Service Feedback 40%
  • Feedback 30%
  • Published Content 50%
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