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Akrami & Associates was founded by Shabnam Akrami who is also the Managing Partner of the firm. She graduated with an Honours Diploma as a Paralegal, she then completed a Law Degree from the University of London. Shabnam Akrami is also recognised by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Shabnam Akrami had experience in corporate immigration law before she opened her own firm. We checked when the website was created and we found out that it was created in 2013. We assume then that the firm was founded in 2013 as all their social media pages were also created in 2013.

The firm also has a number of lawyers and paralegal practitioners that work at the firm.shabnam-akrami



The Website

The website for Akrami & Associates is very professional and easy to use. They have provided quite a lot of information on the various Canadian visas and they have accompanied each explanation with a video for you to watch. We felt that this was quite a nice feature as it makes it easy for people to understand the different visas.

Something else that Akrami & Associates have provided is their Kits, which are custom made to help their clients understand the different visas and the processes that are involved with each. These Kits will also help you submit a successful application to the CIC. These Kits however do not come cheap, each Kit costs CAD $399. Akrami & Associates feel that their Kits will help empower their clients.

Akrami & Associates also has client testimonials that they have provided. There are no dates on the testimonials so we unsure from how far back they are or if they are recent. All of the testimonials speak about Akrami & Associates and Shabnam Akrami in a positive way.


There is a privacy policy and a terms of use but there is no refund policy.

Social Media

The Akrami & Associates’ website does indicate that there are social media accounts but they do not link through to these accounts, which we thought is strange.

The Facebook account was created in 2013 and it has 2375 likes. The posts are very regular and they are always relevant to Canadian immigration but there is not a great deal of traffic through there page.

There is a YouTube page for Akrami & Associates and it has a good deal of videos that have been posted to the page. The videos are all quite short and we feel that this helps as people generally don’t like to watch long videos. There are videos posted regularly to the page and they are informative.

The Twitter account has 15 followers and the last post is from the 10th of October. The posts are similar to those that have been posted on Facebook but there obviously isn’t much traffic through the page.

There is also a Google + page and a LinkedIn account.

Our Conclusion

We feel that Akrami & Associates has done a very good job with their website as it is very professional and easy to use. They have provided all the information that you need and the only thing that we can fault them with is not having a refund policy.

We do think that their Kits that they have put on the website are a good idea but if they are charging that much for a guide to applying for your visa, how much extra do they charge for their services? It could end up being a very costly affair.

Akrami & Associates also has a US Immigration Lawyer as part of their staff and the website lists all his credentials and achievements which are impressive. But how does that fit into a Canadian immigration company?

We do not think that Akrami & Associates is a scam and their website is very thorough and informative. We can see that Shabnam Akrami is very passionate about what she does.

If you have dealt with Akrami & Associates please leave a comment in our comments section below, we would love to hear from you.

You can visit their website here: www.thevisa.ca

The Review

7.6 Score


The Good

  • Shabnam Akrami is recognised by the Law Society of Upper Canada
  • Videos on YouTube about various immigration processes

The Bad

  • There is no refund policy


  • Company Identity 80%
  • Legitimacy 90%
  • Features 70%
  • Service Feedback 70%
  • Published Content 70%
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    hello , pleased to know abou your complet kit of help and fees

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    Hello, I am interested in your services, I am a Cameroonian of 40years. how to get in touch and get your kit. Thank you

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