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About Akkam Overseas Services

akkam overseas services review websiteThis immigration consultancy promises to deliver great immigration services that provides “solutions and meets all requirements concerning immigration overseas education, investor programs and all visa services across the globe.”


The company also goes on to say that they are recognized as one of the top 10 most promising consultants in India with over 10 years of experience in immigration.


The company is located in Hyderabad, India and claim that they are an affiliated platinum partner of Better Think that supplies IELTS and PET courses to their clients. We could not find the company listed under their partners on the Better Think website.


Better Think Partners

We did not find out if this was true as it seems that Better Think does not have any offices in Hyderabad.

better think partners issues

Akkam Overseas Services goes on to say that they are JD certificated. JD or Just Dialed is India’s most used internet browser so we are not quite sure what they ranked the company on.


The company is also very transparent about who is employed by the business by providing background information on them. Unfortunately, this page does not state who the authorized representative is and just talks about the CEO and the Managing director neither of which are immigration experts though they apparently have immigration experience.


Akkam does say that they have a team of immigration consultants but we could not track them down. The company is not registered on the ICCRC (Immigration Consultancy of Canada Regulation Council) website registry, so either the company has not updated their status or they do not have RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants).


Since the company does not mention that they hire immigration lawyers, we cannot fact check for ourselves without the company supplying the names of their authorized representatives.


Authorized representatives are people who can legally charge for their immigration services, so please make sure you only hire a company that hires the right qualified people.

Company Services


Akkam Overseas Services appears to offer a very large selection of services, including:

  • Student visas;
  • Investor visas for Quebec and other Entrepreneur programs;
  • Self Employed visas
  • Quebec Self Employed visas;
  • Express entry;
  • Provincial Nomination program applications;
  • Visitor visas;
  • Digital marketing training and training;
  • HR services;
  • Relocation services;
  • Recruitment services;
  • IELTS and PTE centre;
  • Associate outsourcing; and
  • Assessments


This is a very long list and if it is true, then it is very impressive. During our research for our Akkan Overseas Services review, we found that the company does add some details about certain immigration services, although some of these pages are written very poorly with so many grammatical errors we kind of doubt their professionalism. One of their services has to do with “Making the resume to the best of Canadian job market standards.” Hopefully, whoever was responsible for the website content is not in charge of anything involving the English language.


The Free Assessment they include on their site will not tell you whether you can move to Canada as a permanent resident. There are more factors than the ones listed on their assessment form.

akkam overseas services review assessment


Akkam Overseas Website


Besides the constant grammar errors on the website, we are at least happy to see that the company keeps up with the latest Express Entry draws.


Though some links that we click on do lead to some interesting articles, we were also constantly rerouted to either the home page or the assessment page, which has nothing  to do with the actual keyword we clicked on, for example, we clicked on the Immigration Refugee and Citizen Canada link and were sent to Akkams homepage. This was irritating to say the least and did take some of the usability of the site away. This happened on more than one occasion and did not leave us with a pleasant experience.


The site is at least secure with  HTTPS security. This means that you can enter in sensitive information like credit card details without issue.

akkam overseas services security

Social Media Reviews



Next up on our Akkam Overseas Services review, we took a look at their presence on social media. Because they use so many social media platforms, we narrowed it down to their Facebook, and Twitter accounts.


First up, Facebook. With a modest following of 12,404 the company does not have a lot of social pull. Nonetheless, Akkam does at least have some good reviews on the platform with customers having a lot to say about the company.


This is one of the review we found on their page.

We noticed there isn’t much customer interaction on their page, so we could not tell whether they offer great customer support, but considering how on ball they were on their website we can assume that it would be good.



In comparison, Akkam’s Twitter following is much smaller than their Facebook account with a very small following of 232.


The tweets they posts are the same as on their Facebook account and its essentially promotional material with occasional links to the website.


The Conclusion of Our Akkam Overseas Services Review


The company does have a very organized website that is secure should you ever try to buy online. Akkam also does have some good customer reviews and some responsive support staff on their website. The site also has basic information about certain visa programs, but we do question the poor use of English on their site for a company that promises to help you with your application.


We were not sure about what authorized representatives are used by the company as no persons are described by the company as either an RCIC or legal immigration lawyer. The company does mention a team of consultants but we are not given their RCIC numbers. We also cannot find them on the IRCC website or locate any registered agents under the company’s name.


The “Free Assessment” offered by the company is also very disappointing, not only is it too basic to actually let you qualify, it just seems that this is an easy way to get people to register on the company website to be contacted later.


We couldn’t locate any Terms or Conditions, Refund Policy or Privacy Policy on their site, which are essential documents for the company to protect both the customers and the company from misconduct and fraud. The site does have a sticker that promises a 100% refund at least, but it would be better if it was in an actual legal document.


Did you find our Akkam Overseas Services review useful? If not, we have many more reviews that you can choose from to find the right company for you.

The Review

6 Score


The Good

  • Responsive staff
  • Secure HTTPS site
  • Positive customer reviews
  • 100% refund policy

The Bad

  • Poor English on site
  • No named authorized representatives
  • No easily accessible Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy


  • Responsive staff 90%
  • Secure HTTPS site 90%
  • Positive customer reviews 90%
  • 100% refund policy 100%
  • Poor English on site 30%
  • No named authorized representatives 10%
  • No easily accessible Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy 10%
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