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Hailed as one of the “most respected Canadian Immigration law firms in Canada”, AKCanada has built up quite the glorified reputation. Based in Ontario, Canada, AKCanada has claimed to assist many people to successfully immigrate to Canada since 1996. The company is headed by lawyer partners Jeffrey Abrams and Peter Krochak who claim a “near perfect” success rate with applicants. AKCanada states that they offer immigrants a personalized service in visa applications and immigration.


Both Peter Krochak and Jeffrey Abrams were found on The Law Society of Upper Canada which confirms their legal status.reviewlogo

The Website & Services

AKCanada’s website was user-friendly to navigate and has a design that was easy on the eye. The content was in basic English, using no flowery language which makes it easy for foreigners from all over the world to read and understand. Though in-depth information seems to have been lacking, the website seems relatively helpful. An example of this is, they offer an array of Assessment Questionnaires providing with no explanation to the visa programs that they offer. This means that the immigrant would not know what they would be signing up for and what they could possibly gain from these questionnaires. AKCanada does not have a terms and conditions page which we feel is vital, they do however have a Privacy Policy page, payment status, and temporary status page. As for service, AKCanada offers “converting Canada Immigration applicants into Canadian residents” and provide several testimonials to prove this. Overall the website was filled with winded information.


Social Media & Online Review

AKCanada’s Twitter and Facebook accounts both severely outdated, with a very small following. This could send out the message that they do not care about their online presence too much as social media is on the come up and it is very important for any business of any kind to keep up with what the people want and use. Upon viewing AKCanada’s “News” page we were once again faced with outdated information, as the most updated information was old and no longer relevant. At this point, nothing on this website tells us that this company is still actively still doing business and there is no proof thereof.




In light of what we have seen, the website of AKCanada is hopelessly outdated and cannot be credited as reliable at this rate. Most if not all pages have not been updated for several months which raises questions as to whether or not that are still operating. Even though both Jeffrey Abrams and Peter Krochak is listed on The Law Society of Upper Canada site, we do feel that there is room for improvement where their online reputation is concerned.

You can visit their website here: www.akcanada.com

The Review

5.8 Score


The Good

  • User Friendly Website
  • Website has a good design
  • AKCanada is registered on The Law Society of Upper Canada

The Bad

  • Outdated Social Pages
  • No Terms & Conditions Page


  • Company Identity 70%
  • Legitimacy 70%
  • Feedback 50%
  • Published Content 40%
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