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AINiT is an Australia-based Canadian immigration firm claiming to be, “the most renowned, certified, trusted and best immigration consultants.” This is quite a grand statement so we have decided to put them to the test. Do they live up to the high standard they set for themselves or are they trying to trick potential customers? Find out in our comprehensive AINiT review below.

About AINiT Consultancy Services

Started in 2001, AINiT Consultancy Services provides assistance with immigration applications, study abroad programs and job placement for a long list of countries. Their head office is located in Sydney, Australia and they also have offices in:

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates;
  • Karachi, Pakistan; and
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

AINiT mainly provides immigration services to Australia, Canada, Europe and New Zealand. Seeing as we are Canadian Visa Review, our AINiT will only be looking at the Canadian side.

The company’s CEO is Mr. Aftab Ahmed Syed who is a migration agent registered with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority), Australia and IAA (Immigration Advisors Authority), New Zealand. On their website they are pretty transparent with his registration numbers so you can easily follow up on his credentials, that being said, we are not as familiar with immigration to those countries.

AINiT state they hire an RCIC who is registered with the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council), but they do not mention who he or she is nor do they provide the person’s RCIC number. We checked the ICCRC’s registry and no one is listed under the company’s name. According to AINiT’s website, you can contact them for more information about who their RCIC is.

AINiT Review of their homepage

We found this a little more than suspicious because working with an RCIC or immigration lawyer is essential to the legal operation of Canadian immigration services. The company needs to be clear and upfront with who they are working, how else can you trust them with your hope to immigrate to Canada?

The fact that they make no mention of who their RCIC is, is even more strange given that they refer to themselves as “one of the few registered and authorized immigration consultants not only in Sydney but around the world.” First off, that is clearly not true, a quick look at our list of trusted immigration agents will disprove their claim. Second, if they are so proud of being authorized and registered, surely they should be transparent about their so-called accreditation. Confused, does not begin to accurately describe our feelings.

Website and Services

AINiT’s website is easy to use and for the most part it is user-friendly. Apart from a few buttons that don’t do anything, we were pretty happy with how their site functions. However, they can do with a visual update, because the website unintentionally looks like it was made by a spambot.

As previously mentioned, the firm assists those who would like to study in Canada. If what is said on their website is true, AINiT really goes above and beyond what others offer, not only providing application assistance, but also counseling sessions, scholarship applications and more. They even claim to send their staff to the universities to learn more about the application process.

In terms of Canadian immigration they provide assistance with all the typical programs and visas, including the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Programs, Family Sponsorship and more. What we did not like is that they provide very little information about these categories on their website. A prospective immigrant will have little to no idea about the specifics of the programs and subsequently won’t be able to determine which one to apply for.

Seeing as they provide the bare minimum when it comes to information on Canadian immigration, it seems that their free assessment is the only way for you to learn more. Free assessments always receive a warm welcome in our books, but we question how well it will be done when we aren’t sure if an RCIC is even employed at the company.

Despite our doubts, AINiT does catch our attention with their Job Placement service. The company claims to help job seekers in their search for contractual and permanent positions, they even assist with résumé writing and interviews. This is all good and well, but on the very page where they advertise this service, there are a ton of grammar and spelling mistakes. Can you really trust someone with your résumé when they make such glaring errors?

AINiT continues to disappoint with their website’s blog section. Here you will find a couple of articles dealing with topical immigration issues; however, no new articles have been published since December of 2017.

AINiT Review of their blog

We were happy to find that they have an extensive Terms and Conditions document covering both a Refund Policy and Privacy Policy. We found these up to standard so you can probably trust that they won’t use your personal information for the wrong purposes. That being said, they do mention that they take no responsibility for viruses that may crop up on their website. It’s great that they are so honest about this aspect but it led us to believe that their website is not secure, so be careful when visiting it, especially when you enter in personal information.

Social Media

We love looking at a company’s social media because it gives us a better idea of their approach to customer interaction. At this point, it should come as no surprise but we were left disappointed with AINiT’s social media accounts.

On Facebook, they only have 181 likes and they only post advertisements on their page. The same content can be found on their Instagram and Twitter where they have 536 and 142 followers respectively.

We did not find much customer interaction on these pages so we have little to no idea how the company treats their clients. There aren’t even comments on their posts so we don’t know what their customers think of them.

Concluding Our AINiT Review

For a company that claims to have a 95% success rate, AINiT leaves much to be desired.

They promise a bunch of services, but we found nearly each of them questionable given that they are not clear about who their RCIC is and in light of their unprofessional, error-filled, thin content. They need to make some drastic changes if they want anyone to believe in their supposed success rate.

Did you like our AINiT Review? If so, or if you have experience with this company, let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

The Review

6.8 Score


The Good

  • Free assessment
  • Extensive list of services

The Bad

  • Outdated
  • No clear RCIC


  • Free assessment 100%
  • No clear RCIC 40%
  • Outdated blog 50%
  • Extensive services 80%
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