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AIMS Immigration & Relocation Specialist is one of the better immigration consultancies out there. The company first opened their doors in Singapore and has now expanded to over 10 offices throughout the Asian Pacific. Find out what makes them great and where they are lacking in our detailed AIMS review below.

About AIMS

The company, headed by Pearce Chang, presents clients with a well-designed website that is easy to use. Navigation on the site is simple and intuitive. Links direct where they are supposed to and nothing seems particularly out of place. One of the core values of the company is Human Touch and it can clearly be seen in the design of the website, which is definitely user-friendly.

The company seems to stick to their the core values to a large extent. They are as follows:

    • Professionalism;
    • Utmost Integrity;
    • Sincerity;
    • Human Touch;
    • Empathy; and
    • Dedication

On their homepage, they list a bunch of immigration services, including corporate relocation, student services and migration services. Seeing as we review Canadian immigration companies we will be focusing on their Canadian immigration services.

AIMS Review of their homepage

For those of you who interested in immigrating to countries other than Canada, AIMS can help you relocate to:

      • Australia;
      • Caribbean Islands;
      • European Union;
      • Malaysia;
      • New Zealand;
      • Singapore:
      • U.K.; and
      • U.S.


AIMS provide your standard fare of Canadian immigration services. We enjoy the comprehensive list of programs they provide assistance with, these include Express Entry, Federal Skilled Worker, Quebec Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, Entrepreneurs and Self-Employed People, Investors, Provincial Nominee, Family Sponsorship and other visas.

Though the list is impressive, it is by no means comprehensive. The reason I say this is because some of the content about these programs is outdated, for instance, the Quebec Skilled Worker program has undergone some massive changes since 2017 and on AIMS’ site, they only mention the changes coming into effect during 2017. There is no mention of the ARRIMA portal, which is the new system managing immigration to Quebec.

Like the section dedicated to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, some other pages are also outdated and lack detailed information. If the company gets ahold of our AIMS review, we highly recommend you to explain the immigration process in more detail on your website. This gap is particularly evident on the Provincial Nominee page, where only a few Nominee Programs are mentioned when in reality there are over 50 of them.

So, now that you know what they can help you with, you are probably wondering who will be guiding you through the immigration process. While we researched for our AIMS review, we did not find any mention of a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) on their site.

Initially, this concerned us because companies must hire an RCIC or immigration lawyer if they charge for immigration services. If they do not, the company will get into legal trouble. Thankfully, we finally found an RCIC Bajwa, Amandeep Kaur linked to AIMS on the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council’s website.

Another great service AIMS offers you is a free consultation. We liked how transparent the company is with what will happen during this session, so you know exactly what you will get yourself into.

Unfortunately, there is no clear Refund Policy and Terms and Conditions documents on their website, which is a bit worrying seeing as they help to protect customers from fraud. Without these important documents, you will probably be left with many unanswered questions. On the bright side, they have a highly detailed Privacy Policy so you will at least know how your information is being used on the website.

Testimonials and Reviews

On their website, you will find tons of testimonials praising the company some are even video testimonials. Though it’s great to hear positive things about them, remember that the company chooses what content to include on their website, meaning they will only select the good and never the bad.


Out of all social media platforms, AIMS is most active on Facebook. They have 85,975 followers and a great average score of 4.2 out of 5. We checked the reviews and though the overwhelming majority of them is positive, there are some negative reviews worth looking at, like the one below.


AIMS does not have a blog section on their website, so the majority of their posts on Facebook merely consist of promotional material. There are no news updates apart from the occasional figures of the latest Express Entry Draw.

Instagram and Twitter

On Instagram and Twitter AIMS just shares more promotional content much like on their Facebook profile. They have 1,435 Twitter followers and 1,019 followers on Instagram so naturally, there isn’t much interaction on these accounts.

The conclusion to Our AIMS Review

Overall, we liked AIMS. It is clear that they take their core values seriously. They are professional, easy to use and to a certain extent trustworthy.

They employ an RCIC and they provide assistance with the majority of Canadian immigration programs.

Unfortunately, we experienced some negative aspects of the company too. They must update some of their content to remain relevant. They can do with a refund policy and terms and conditions to instill more confidence in their company.

If you aren’t convinced by them, you should have a look at our other trusted reviews. Please let us know if you have had any experience with this company in the comments below.

The Review

8 Score


The Good

  • RCIC
  • Free assessment
  • Great website

The Bad

  • Outdated content
  • No blog


  • RCIC 100%
  • Outdated content 40%
  • Professional website 80%
  • Free assessment 100%
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