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Ackah Business Immigration Law Firm is a Boutique Law Firm based in Calgary, Alberta. It was founded by Evelyn Ackah who is also the Managing Lawyer at the firm. Evelyn Ackah has been practicing law since 1999, she is recognised by the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Law Society of Alberta.

This boutique law firm focusses exclusively on immigration law and business immigration law. Ackah Immigration aims to provide strategic counsel for their clients and they are passionate about finding the best option for you.

The firm also has an Associate Lawyer and a Contract US Attorney.ackah-leaders


View the website here:

The Website

At first glance the website for Ackah Business Immigration Law seems empty with no real information to look through. But we found that this was not the case as there is a great deal of interesting and emotive content to go through. We can see from reading the bio on Evelyn Ackah and Kim Pryhitko that the firm is very passionate about what they do.

The website has some features that are very informative and useful, like their In The Media page and their Blog page. The media page contains articles that Evelyn Ackah has written that have been published. There are also articles and videos where she gives her personal opinion on matters that have been in the news in Canada.

On the website it also indicates that Evelyn was recognized by the Who’s Who Legal Organization as an expert in Corporate Immigration Law. Evelyn has also helped raise millions of dollars to help move women and their children of low-income out of poverty. Evelyn likes to give back to the community and is very active in charities.

Ackah Business Immigration Law Firm offers students the opportunity to do their articles at the law firm and they also offer job posts at the firm.

The website for Ackah Business Immigration Law was created in 2011, it has a privacy policy but no refund policy or a terms and conditions.

Social Media

There are social media accounts for Ackah Business Immigration Law but the links to these pages are not provided on every page, which we found strange.

The Facebook account was created in 2010 and it has 119 likes. The posts to the page are not consistent but they are relevant to Canada and Canadian immigration. There is obviously not a great deal of traffic through the page and the Ackah law firm has not spent much time improving this.

The Twitter account that is linked to the website is a personal account for Evelyn Ackah. She has 143 followers and her posts are once again relevant to Canada and immigration but they are not consistent.

There is also a LinkedIn account but it has the same information on it as the website. We did find a few videos on YouTube of Evelyn Ackah speaking about different issues and Canadian visas.

Our Conclusion

Ackah Business Immigration Law Firm seems extremely passionate about the work that they do and it is echoed in the words on the website. Evelyn Ackah is a qualified and passionate woman and she is knowledgeable about immigration and the processes that are involved.

What we can fault Ackah Business Immigration Law firm on is the lack of important documents like the terms and conditions and refund policy. As lawyers they should understand how important these documents are.

There are testimonials that are provided but they can be easily missed and we feel that this is unfortunate as people love to read testimonials from previous clients. The social media presence could do with a lot of work as it is very poor.ackah-testimonial

If you have dealt with Ackah Business Immigration Law Firm please leave a comment in our comments section below.



The Review

7.2 Score


The Good

  • Recognized lawyer
  • Understanding about Canadian immigartion
  • Active in the community

The Bad

  • No refund policy or terms and conditions


  • Company Identity 70%
  • Legitimacy 90%
  • Features 80%
  • Service Feedback 50%
  • Published Content 70%
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