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About Universal Immigration Services




Universal Immigration Services (UIS) promise to accompany you every step of the way to achieving your Canadian dream. The company is based in the city of Edmonton, Alberta Canada.


UIS provides a variety of Canadian immigration services to clients all over the world. They have well trained and experienced consultants on their team, many of whom are immigrants themselves. According to the information on their “About Us” page, this team of consultants is led by a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) by the name of Mr. Nir Babani.




We have verified that Babani is indeed a RCIC and in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). The UIS website mentions that Babani handles all their Canadian immigration legal issues. He has a lot of experience in providing legal solutions for Skilled Workers, Business Immigration, and Student Visa applications.


Website and Services


The website of Universal Immigration Services is very clean, user-friendly and very simple in its appearance. Their website has all the important pages that you would expect to find on a professional Canadian immigration company.


Their “FAQs” page really caught our attention for the simplicity of its content. UIS really covered all the bases with practical answers to very tricky questions that many clients would like to know.



In addition to that, UIS also have well written and informative “Privacy Policy” and “Terms and Conditions” pages.


Universal Immigration Services mention that they offer a detailed evaluation assessment of their clients before they are signed up.


The company charges a one time fee of $990 for a single evaluation, while a family evaluation will cost you $1,490. The UIS website states that these charges may vary according to the difficulty of each respective case, which is fair as some cases can be very complex.


The company delivers the following Canadian immigration services:


  • Express Entry;
  • Visitors Visa;
  • Skilled Worker Visa;
  • Business Visa;
  • Family Visa; and
  • Refugee Visa


Social Media and Online Reviews


We found Universal Immigration’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube profile. Starting with the YouTube channel, the last time it was updated was two years ago, however, the videos posted are no longer relevant. Onto their Twitter account, this is also outdated and was last touched in 2014.


As you would imagine there is very little interaction on their social media accounts. Their Facebook page seems to be the most looked after. It was last updated a week ago and it has 120,000 followers. The company has over 400 Facebook reviews and not many of them are actual reviews of the company. The few that are real reviews contain high praises from satisfied clients. We are pleased to say that Universal Immigration has a vibrant online presence.




We are very pleased with what we have seen on Universal Immigration Services’ website and we feel their company identity is quite strong. Additionally, Universal seems to be well equipped with the relevant knowledge to help clients in the best way possible.


They have an experienced Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) which is always a great start. Canadian immigration can be very complex and time-consuming so it is always great to have a RCIC handy.


Do you want to live and work in Canada? Find more detailed and informative reviews on our website here.

The Review

4.6 Score


The Good

  • RCIC
  • Immigration services

The Bad

  • Social media


  • Comapny Identity 60%
  • Legitimacy 60%
  • Service Feedback 40%
  • Documentation and Website Features 40%
  • Published Content 30%
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17 Discussion to this review

  1. Ta-Sol says:

    They talked to my family member yesterday for the first time. The urgency that was put on having to pay the $1000.00 makes me to be sure that it is a scam

  2. Elana Olivier says:

    Does UIS Canada have any references for the services they render?

  3. Lee says:

    Stay away. Not an official .ca.com site. I was looking into more info about immigrating to Canada, they rang me none stop, until i answered with my spouse as he’s from the UK, and i couldn’t understand the guy on the phone much, he was blabbering on how he could help me and boyfriend, then he didn’t even speak with me he was asking questions to my spouse. Then he asked for $1000USD. The way he was wording it, if it was like we was both sucsessful getting a visa, then after he was asking us to fill in an application? :/ then sign a contract? So my spouse, canceled the phone case before any application was filled in, any contact was signed, they sent the contract over to us so fast to sign, but i left it, as you couldn’t even see the contract, it had some sort of overlayer box on the website and you couldn’t scroll down to view it, the only options was to tick the box to sign. Luckily my spouse knows his way around the website development and downloaded the contract and straight away there were too many worrying discrepancies, We managed to download and keep both pages. We also didn’t fill in the application for a visa, which wasn’t even in my name, but my spouses, they filled in his name, mobile number, and one line for study, the rest of the remaining pages was blank, no passports, Utility bills, or CVs where uploaded. Nothing was submitted over to them. Therefore no services by them where made. I have screenshot’s everything for proof for our bank to reverse the charge and proof to send off to ‘http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca/’.

    They were meant to “call us back” today around 12 pm, but as i emailed them and asked for a refund, of course, they didn’t. they did eventually call back around 3 pm UK time, we recorded the whole convo for proof, so if they didn’t want to refund, and well guess what.. they denied. The guy on the phone was very passive aggressive. You could tell he deals with this sort of thing every day. Bare in mind, he said he was the manager! I said, well no application was complete or contract was signed, so could you kindly refund us? This where it gets better. He said there is four managers, and all of them have to raise their hands and agree if they feel they want to refund me?….. Like some sort of pyramid scam. “I vote I!” When i asked if he was the manager, he kept quiet, and i mentioned about the four managers being a loophole to get out of refunding, and he said “i don’t understand sorry” best way to get out of it.
    I asked kindly again, can you please refund me, i feel i was tricked and scammed and again, no applications were filled in or signed or sent off. He then hung up as i was getting extremely upset. I had a little breakdown, the feeling of been scammed is horrible. Luckily my bank is one of the best in the world, and then have reassued me not to worry and they will fight for my refund, they have the power the freeze my $1000 and reverse it. Im sending over all the evidence and documents to them tomorrow. As UIS have denied my refund. They don’t respond to emails either, and they are very clear with their wordings, reading from a script of course, and their not bases in Canada, they have an office in Germany and Bulgaria. They take advantage of people like me, who don’t know much about immigration and moving to Canada but on the Official government site (http://www.cic.gc.ca), it stayed the following..

    “A website might be a fake or a scam if:

    “you are asked to pay to access application forms and guides. IRCC only charges fees to process your application.”

    “Forms and guides are free on the IRCC website.
    the website offers special, too good to be true immigration deals, or guarantees entry into Canada, high-paying jobs or faster processing of your application.
    it looks like an official Government of Canada site but it is only in one language and does not have the Canada.ca URL or a URL that ends with “.gc.ca.”
    you must provide personal information, financial information or make a deposit before you even start the application process.”

    So basically UIS full under many of the lists of scams.

    They said they would contact me in 2 days to give me an answer, haha. Any legit company would refund you on the spot. I really doubt they will refund. So i feel sorry for them, as it my bank will have to lawfully take my money from them. Im lucky my father is a lawyer too, so i know my rights.


    • Lee says:


      They got back via email and guess what they denied our £800+ refund.

      Reason why?

      “12.4 of “Terms of Use” to which you had agreed upon registering on our website and by making use of our services, and a full refund is definitely not due”

      No services where made. We have nothing out of it. If scamming is their service, well then yes. No account was made by me, they sent over an auto-generated user name and email, not made by me. No application was filled in or sent off. No ID, No CV, No Utility bills were uploaded.

      They offered us a back $450 USD “In good faith” Haha!

      They are trying their best to avoid refunding us £800+, i mean of course they are, this is how they make their money right? Taking advantage people who just want more information about immigration and take their way into paying over the phone! Then they say stuff like “CONGRATS you have been accepted, now we just need more info and for you to fill this application with us over the phone asap!” I didn’t, i said ring back the next day, and looked into their company and well, i found this site and lots of other worryings things.

      Don’t give up guys, fight for your money back.

    • Support says:

      Mr. Lee Blanchard and Ms. Lilian Lopes voluntarily registered themselves on our website and agreed upon its the Terms of Use. They voluntarily accepted to make a payment for our services, even transferring the requested amount to their charging account. After making the payment, UIS Canada received an email alledging they were “overcharged” since they had agreed to be charged in Canadian Dollars and they were charged in British Pounds. A full investigation was conducted – including recordings checks – and the outcome was that customers were fully aware they were being charged in USD. When customers were confronted with the actual facts, they become very aggressive, even implying racism over the phone. The call with the management was also checked and customers were demanding an imediate full refund right away and were explained – at least a dozen times – that all refunds request needed to be approved by the Dispute Resolution Board. There was absolutely no aggressiveness from UIS Canada management, exactly the contrary.

      Even not being obliged, UIS Canada offered a partial rebate to customers that, however, insist in distilling wrong and false accusations against UIS Canada as way of pressure to receive a full refund that is not due. In this kind of cases, when customers appeal to lies, accusations with false pretenses, UIS Canada has no other choice than to defend itself before the appropriate forums, in which it will have full capacity to proove that it is a legitimate operation according to every and all applicable regulations.

      UIS Canada values ethic commercial behavior and is ready to settle complaints that clearely demonstrate to be originated by a wrong-doing from our side, which is definetely not the case. On the other hand, UIS Canda will vehemently repel any false accusations, deriving the case to legal assessment and eventual countermeasures.

      • Lee says:

        Untrue, again. I rang up kindly and said i wanted a refund as your services are no longer required. I didn’t get aggressive or lie. The only reason my spouse got upset was you denied it on the phone, i will upload to youtube if i have to. Stop making out you are genuine, your company is only a year old, your address is a virtual one at ‘http://www.latinplaza.ca/co-working/’ you have no office or a small white desk in Canada. Your facebook is full of the same marketing ads, using Elon Musk, there are sites like this current one saying how much you’re a fraud site.

        Soon as i mentioned a refund you got very passive aggressive on the phone and wanted to know why. I said that irrelevant, no services where delivered. Yes, m spouse did enter her name and number on your website to hear more information, and you tricked her and me into paying you £800+ that’s it. A full refund will be coming our way, don’t worry.

        We will fight for OUR money back, you total scam. Just because you said you’re registered with some loophole pyridine scheme terms and conditions you think you can get away with this, you won’t.

        I didn’t sign up to your website at all, you found out who i was, a public figure then you found my email, then yesterday you sent me an email saying thank you for registering? Haha!! Look how desperate you are to keep our money, now you’re making out i signed up yesterday? SCAMMERS!

        Customers are always right, you should know that. Your company is very unprofessional, you trick customers into thinking they will get a visa, you use terms like “congrats you passed our test” “now let me finish your application” I just asked for a refund and you denied it, any human would be upset or angry with people like you. We have so much proof of what your company is doing to desperate people who only wanted more info about immigration. My spouse signed up, then you start to ask me questions i didnt even sign up!! She passed the phone over to me as her English isnt that good, we paid thinking it was for VISA, it wasn’t, no application was filled in, you tried to say it was on the phone, you lied, i have all the proof it wasn’t, Mike Franko (not real name probably) said he would ring me back the next day to finish the application and didn’t, as my spouse left an email worried about what she saw on your website and the back reviews and it scared her,, and she’s not English, so you saw you charged CAD dollars on your site, but charged us USD, and on her invoice it said you only charged us $833 well, we paid £800+ for..and i quote..” opening an account”…again false, no accounts where open by me or my spouse, you sent over an auto-generated username and password to her. Then a contract that you couldn’t even look at, you had to sign it before you could, again another worrying sign. You dont even have a real office you either have a small white desk at the Latin Plazza Hub, or on the website it states “Our virtual offices include mail services and your new business address in the heart of Gastown, Vancouver.” that’s what your doing, where searched everything about you, trust me. We will fight for our rights, you can come at us all you want with your business lingo, as you know full well what you’re doing, and you’re doing everything you can to make money and not refund us our £800+ back.

        Let us go down the legal road, you will only lose you, idiots.

        • Lee says:

          Their “Dispute Resolution Board” btw is apparently 4 managers. who Kyle Stannard (again, probs not his real name) who all have to vote to give a refund or not, they use terms like “Dispute Resolution Board” to sound legit when its just probs 2-5 people at home scamming people, with loopholes. in some little office space at http://www.latinplaza.ca who if you don’t understand share the same exact address

          “#406-68 Water Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1A4” and theirs is virtual.

          Like i said previously, stay away from them. Visit here for help


          Avoid paying anything over the phone. Their site is bogus, its just a year old, its not legit, if you enter your name and number “that’s a binding contract” anything other sites will just let you sign up for more info… Again scamming people. They trick you. We have nothing from them, nothing, even on the contract it says they could even ask for more money if we don’t have enough points, a contract we didn’t sign btw. Applications we didn’t fill in at all, or send off, or any ID, BILLS, CV,s uploaded, we didn’t even know what kind of visa they were applying for us! Lilian signed up, then they tricked me into thinking we got accepted.

          We have spoken to other victims too, they said always find a verified site and facebook page like this..


          They don’t ask for any money until you get a Visa, they let you signed up and register yourself without any scam loopholes they warned us about sites like UIS, there are more and more sites like this who are robbing people every day, who don’t know too much information about immigration rules. Same thing with these fake Microsoft callers who scam the poor people saying they have a virus on their computers…

          They way they talk to you on the phone all nice and it sounds too good to be true, it is. Ignore all their threat lingo, its just two or three guys pretending to be this hugely successful company, when in fact it is not, and they will try and keep your money and scare you into thinking you are wrong, with their business lingo. Fight for your money back, we have informed the Canadian Government and the UK’s https://www.actionfraud.police.uk and our banks. We have all proof, phone calls recordings, screenshots, a lawyer, the lot.


  4. Mustafa AYDINOL says:

    Hi, I have contacted to UIS Canada for immigration consultancy and they have aksed me to pay additional $3400 after retainer agreement as they proceed. They have made the evaluation and afterwards I changed my mind and decided to carry on my own. I asked for a refund and I have been told that I can’t get a refund if I already got a service from them. So then I asked for a refund for the services I didn’t get. And they only agreed to a partial refund. I’m still sending e mails and trying to negotiate with them but still can’t understand why I am having this much difficulty.

    Please be careful if you are going to work with them and know your rights! And know that you are going to pay more than you think!

    • Mr. Aydinol requested a full refund after having received his evaluation results and having agreed to proceed with his immigration plans. Our Customer Relations Management Department is in contact with Mr. Aydinol in order to find a suitable solution for his request, all according the Terms of Use that are published in UIS Canada website – which are in complete compliance with all applicable regulations. All potential candidates that leave their contact details in UIS Canada website are highly encouraged to read all Terms of Use (as well as Privacy Policy) and need to check the option “I agree with terms of use and privacy policy” in order to continue with their registration processes.

  5. sam toprak says:

    When i see this company on Facebook i put my personal details and they called me after 1 min , they talked to me like i am gonna go to Canada in 6 months and the get my permanent visa . They were calling me everyday to pay the money after i payed $4600 everything is changed they start telling me your points not enough then they said you have to get a job offer after i got the job offer they didnt contact with me more than 6 weeks please everyone dont ever trus this company is a FRAUD AGENCY ill trying to get my money refund applying everywhere and complaining .

    • Customer Support Department says:

      Mr Toprak registered with UIS Canada for his immigration evaluation process. Unfortunately, Mr. Toprak did not reach the minimum points in order to pursue a Permanent Resident Visa. The customer was advised to improve his skills in order to have more points-value allocated to his file. Eventually, Mr. Toprak sent UIS Canada a job offer. The potential employer was contacted and advised about the bureaucratic procedures related to hiring a foreign national. Moreover, Mr. Toprak was offered an alternate program that would allow him to immigrate to Canada. This strategy would result in Mr. Toprak coming to Canada within the timeframe initially estimated. Due to unknown reasons, Mr. Toprak disagreed with the UIS Canada strategy and is now threatening with bad reviews to try to achieve a refund he is not due. UIS Canada regrets Mr. Toprak’s behavior and is ready to provide the customer with the services initially contracted, all according to his personal conditions.

    • Lee says:

      Report your case asap. The more reports of this scam site the better they will be shut down.

  6. Lenika Naiken says:

    Good day

    i have just read the review on Universal immigration services. Please advise if this agent id good, and will you advise immigrants to utilize the services?

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