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About Optimum Immigration Solutions

Optimum Immigration Solutions is a Canadian Immigration consultancy firm, operating out of Edmonton, Canada. Offering assistance in all areas of Canadian immigration with a team of “certified” immigration consultants and lawyers, they claim to have a “high success rate in Canadian immigration matters.”

In the footer of their website you can find their regulated ICCRC member, Navjeen Kaberwal which we can confirm is true according to the official ICCRC website. Upon further perusal of their website, we found that Navjeen Kaberwel has many fitting accolades and qualifications including a Diploma in Guidance and Counselling. In addition, he is also a member of CAPIC with an Immigration Consultant degree. On their website, Navjeen is described as “innovative” and a “competent professional.” Let’s find out if that’s true.

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Website & Services

Optimum Immigration’s website is an efficient website, brimming with information yet not too bombarding. The website is complete with a site map, which showcases everything the website has to offer all on one page. Each tab in the header and side bar contains an impressive amount of condensed information, explaining each clickable option in detail. We struggled to find something that tells us that this website is being fully used and update regularly, as the “News & Events” page contains immigration news dating back to 2011. This could, however, be limited to the news page as we have seen on many occasions that companies start a news page and just neglect it.

Overall their website is in a pretty good condition.

Plastered all over their website is a “Free Assessment” option. This is a great service to offer as its best clients know if they’re eligible before making any life changing decisions. Other services and visa options they offer includes Skilled Worker Program, family visa, business visa, work and study visa, Canadian citizenship and a few more. It’s a bit of a struggle finding what services they offer as there is no designated Service tab.


Social Media & Online Review

Optimum Immigration Solutions has Facebook and Twitter profiles, both of which are relatively updated and well maintained. The last time both accounts were updated was in April this year. Their Facebook outweighs their Twitter following but both could do with a lot more traffic. Browsing a few of their tweets, we realized they don’t receive any feedback including no retweets or Mentions. Their Facebook, however, seems to have a lot more going on with an overall of 17 reviews allocating 5-star reviews.  Most of what they post seems to be about recruitment and one or two posts drive visitors to their website.

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We’re pleased with what we have seen and do not have any questions about their legitimacy. Optimum Immigration Solutions could quite possibly lighten your immigration load as they seem to be well equipped to do so.

You can visit their website here: www.optimumimmigration.com

The Review

7.5 Score


The Good

  • regulated
  • good website

The Bad

  • lack of content


  • Company Identity 80%
  • Legitimacy 80%
  • Feedback 70%
  • Published content 70%
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