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With offices in both Canada and Australia, 101 Migrations is a company that offers immigration solutions with immigration professionals.


Learn more as we do an in-depth study with our 101 Migration review to give you the details to make the right immigration choice.


About 101 Migration

101 migration review website

The company has two offices that they operate out of, one in Vancouver, BC and another office in Melbourne, Victoria.


101 Migrations focuses primarily on immigration services to Canada and Australia with a team of skilled immigration consultants who are registered with MARA in Australia and the ICCRC in Canada.


The company’s team has three consultants, two of which handle immigration services to Canada. It is headed by Daniel Tardif, a qualified RCIC who has been in the game of immigration for many years now. We also confirmed that he is regulated by the ICCRC, RCIC number R420255, and he is stationed in Quebec.


We did notice that the company he works for is listed as Daniel Tardif CCAI, which could mean that he is a freelancer for multiple companies or has simply forgotten to update his details.


Another agent hired by the company is Patrick, Leong, RCIC number R506679, who is listed under 101 Migration.


101 Services


This consultancy offers varied services to its customers, mainly under:

  • Australia skilled migration;
  • Australian business migration;
  • Canada skilled migration, like the:
    • Federal Skilled Trade Program;
    • Canadian Experience Class;
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program; and
    • Provincial Nomination Programs
  • Canada business migration like:
    • The British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program for Entrepreneurs;
    • PEI Provincial Nominee program;
    • Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program for Entrepreneurs; and
    • Manitoba PNP for Businesses
  • Family sponsorship for;
    • Spouse or common law partners;
    • Parents; or
    • grandparents
  • Study visas in Australia and Canada


The website also provides some very basic but informative content to help you get an idea about each visa type.


One interesting thing we did find about the site during our 101 Migration review, was that the company also offers paid consultations.

101 migration services

This can be done either through Skype call, in person, or through a survey that you can fill out. Any questions you want to ask comes with a starting price of CAD$30 a question.


We have never seen this before on any site we have reviewed. This does make the company out to be rather expensive as a consultation for an hour only costs CAD$150.


We couldn’t track down the Privacy Policy or Terms and Agreement documents on their website.


Social Media Review


The company is present across a number of platforms mainly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To get a better understanding of how the business works, our 101 Migration review took a peek into their social media accounts.

101 migration facebook

Their Facebook has a very small following of 1,368 and does not post regularly, though this may have to do with the fact that most of the blogs are written by Daniel, one of their RCICs.


We found that the company has very positive reviews on their site, even if it is only 28 reviews. Below is one of the company’s video testimonials of a happy customer.

Other people had this to say about the company.

101 migration review on facebook

101 Migration has a much smaller following of 225 people on their Twitter account. It seems that the company doesn’t tweet regularly and the account is pretty empty since it was created in 2009.


Because there is so little customer interaction, there is very little we can talk about for customer support.


Next up on our list, we checked out their Instagram account. With only 47 followers, 101 Migration is not exactly at the front of the pack when it comes to being trendy. But we can say what they did post was light-hearted and good for a laugh. While immigration news was not at the forefront of their account, at least they had fun along the way.


Can You Trust Them?


From what we have learnt about the company in our 101 Migration review, you can trust them. They do have hired RCICs who are experienced in the field of immigration.


Their website is also easy to navigate and is very transparent when it comes to their service costs for consultations.


The only issues we had about the site was the fact that we couldn’t find their Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy.  Although, it did help that the site was HTTPS secure, meaning that 101 Migration’s website is safe for online payments.


It also helped that all of the customer reviews we did find, both on 101 Migration’s website and their Facebook account, were all positives. Customers seemed genuinely happy with the service they received. Though they may be a bit pricey, we do think that you will get your money’s worth from this company.


Are you a happy customer of 101 Migration? Comment below, we want to hear from you!


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The Review

7.7 Score


The Good

  • Registered RCICs and MARA agents
  • Experienced staff
  • Easy to use website along with basic information for each service
  • Transparent pricing when it comes to consultations
  • HTTPS secure sites for online payment security
  • Positive reviews from customers across multiple platforms

The Bad

  • Lack of Privacy policy, Terms and Conditions on main site


  • Registered RCICs and MARA agents 100%
  • Experienced staff 90%
  • Easy to use website along with basic information for each service 70%
  • Transparent pricing when it comes to consultations 80%
  • HTTPS secure sites for online payment security 100%
  • Positive reviews from customers across multiple platforms 90%
  • Lack of Privacy policy, Terms and Conditions on main site 10%
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