Xun Wang: Metro Vancouver Man Arrested for Immigration Fraud

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Metro Vancouver man arrested for Immigration Scam

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A Richmond man by the name of Xun “Sunny” Wang appeared in the provincial courts of Vancouver on Wednesday after pleading guilty to eight charges of fraud. Mr. Wang ran an unlicensed immigration consulting business in Metro Vancouver. The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) had been investigating Mr. Wang for two years prior. The CBSA believes that at least 165 of Mr. Wang’s clients were involved in the immigration fraud. Mr. Wang created fake passports to create an image of Canadian residency to maintain permanent residency and therefore to obtain Canadian citizenship.

Canadian investigators allege that many people gained citizenship through these altered passports and fake stamps. Mr. Wang also pled guilty to tax evasion for $2 722 305 from the 2007 and 2012 tax years. He evaded the payment of $730 837 of federal income tax. CBSA declined to comment on the matter but their 24 page report indicates that Wang “systematically altered passports in support of fraudulent applications for both permanent residence and card renewal and citizenship, using a variety of techniques.”

Mr. Wang’s clients became Canadian citizens based on false calculations and fake stamp impressions. Sonia Lesage, spokesperson for Citizenship and Immigration Canada, said that she could not comment on the matter as it was still before the court. Barry Cartwright, a senior lecturer at Simon Fraser University’s School of Criminology, said that citizenship obtained with bogus documentation can be revoked. Mr. Cartwright had worked for years in immigration law and he said, “If it’s egregious enough, if the person knowingly had false visas in their passport to mislead people…they should have their citizenship revoked.”

In January 2012, the Criminal Investigators of the CBSA began probing Mr. Wang and his two businesses, New Can Consultants (Canada) Ltd and Wellong International Investments Ltd. In October 2013 search warrants were executed at three locations, Mr. Wang’s residence and his offices in Richmond and Vancouver. Ninety boxes of evidence were taken, 18 computers, 200 original Chinese passports as well as copies of Chinese passports with alterations on them.

Seven other people were charged in February 2015 in connection with Mr. Wang’s unlicensed businesses. Their cases were also put before the court. Mr. Wang was arrested in October 2014 and in July 2015 he pled guilty to 8 charges. He has been in custody since June of this year.

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