Teen Fights Off Bear to Save His Dog’s Life

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Pierce Orminston is just a normal 15 year old teenager living in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Well that is what Pierce thought too until the night of the 30th of September. Pierce came home from his high school Terry Fox, after playing basketball with his friends. Pierce says that for the last two weeks there have been small bears in the backyard so whenever someone took their dog, Dublin, outside they would clap their hands and make a noise to chase away any bears. If they don’t see anything, they simply go back inside.

However this would not be the case on this night. Pierce took Dublin out and clapped his hands, he even had his flashlight with him to look around the garden. He couldn’t see anything so he went back inside to the kitchen. While Pierce was in the kitchen he heard his dog barking, he ran outside with a pot and a spoon to make some noise.

This is when Pierce saw the bear up against the fence and Dublin running at the bear. She jumped up onto the fence and was barking at the bear. The bear jumped down onto Dublin and this is when Pierce ran at the bear and started hitting it with the pot. But the bear was so big that it couldn’t feel Pierce hitting it. Dublin was still trapped underneath the bear.

Pierce is about 5’9 to 5’10 and the bear was nearly his height when it was on all fours. Pierce says that the hump on its back was at his chin and that he couldn’t even wrap his arms around the bear.black-bear-montana-01

Pierce saw that Dublin was biting the bear and that the bear was hitting and scratching his dog. He tried to tackle the bear but it made no difference and he realised that his own strength was not going to be enough to stop the bear from killing his dog. He says that he has never smelt something like the smell of the bear, a mixture of blood, mould and fish. He said that the bear’s coat was damp and lumpy.

He ran back to the kitchen and fetched a 6-inch Henkel knife that was lying on the kitchen counter. He ran back to where the bear was and tried to tackle it again but the bear just pushed him. Pierce reaslised he was going to have to stab the bear to save his dog’s life. He stabbed the bear in the back between the shoulder blades. Pierce says that he cannot get the feeling of stabbing the bear out of his head or the sound that it made. He says that the bear let out a growl and pushed the dog away and looked at him and growled at him. Pierce said that Dublin wasn’t moving so he picked her up and ran into the house.

Two minutes went by and nothing happened and then the bear started to run around the backyard with the knife still in its back. The bear came onto the deck and started to knock over all the furniture. Pierce says that there is a hot tub right by the door when you go inside and the bear had hidden in there. Pierce opened the door after nothing had happened for 5 minutes and the bear jumped out at him. Pierce slammed the door and the bear knocked over the barbeque. A baby bear then appeared from behind the fence and the two bears simply walked away.

Pierce says that he has had an adrenalin rush before but never anything like he felt that night. He said that he couldn’t process anything, the only thing he knew is that he had to save his dog.


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