Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Occupations In Demand Reopens 2017



1,200 applicants now have the chance to apply through Saskatchewan’s International Skilled Workers Occupations in Demand, under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program from the 9th of August, 2017.


If you have one of the in-demand jobs listed by the province of Saskatchewan, you could apply for a Provincial Nominee Certificate, and if successful have a chance to later gain permanent residency in Canada. The good news about this program is you do not need a job offer from a potential Canadian employer to apply.


What Jobs are In Demand Jobs in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan has currently listed 42 jobs that are in demand at the moment in province. These are in the field of:

  • Engineering;
  • Agriculture;
  • Trades;
  • Information Technology; and
  • Healthcare


Note: 23 of these 42 jobs require proper licencing to be able to apply for the program.


Requirements to Apply for the SINP International Skilled Worker Occupations In Demand


To be able to apply for the program in the first place, you need to meet some of their requirements.


  • You need a minimum:
    • score of 60/100 for your assessment grid
    • score of 4 for your Canadian Language Benchmark test
    • 1-year post-secondary education/training that is equal to Canadian standards to receive a:
      • Degree;
      • Diploma;
      • Certificate; and/or
      • Trade certificate
    • 1-year worth of paid work experience within the past 10 years, related to the a NOC for one of the 42 occupations offered in the program

You also need to prove that you:

  • Have a proper legal status (if you are currently in Canada);
  • Can support yourself financially; and
  • Have planned living arrangements


What Are Professional Licences?


Some of the in-demand jobs do require that you need to apply for professional licences, to make sure your application can be processed correctly. These are to prove that your qualifications are equal to Canadian standards.


When Applying for a Professional Licence


If you have to apply for professional licences, you must make sure that you give the correct documentation, or your application may not be successful. It may also mean you lose your $300 government processing fee.


Depending on your job, the processing times for each may differ from 2 weeks to a year. Ensure you apply ahead of time, and know how long the process may take. You must also know that you do not have to be in Canada to apply for these documents.


Which In Demand Jobs Need Licensure


If you are considering applying for this program, you must know if you need to get a professional licence for your occupation. In the two tables below are jobs that do, and do not need a licence.

Jobs that do not need a licence           Jobs that do need a licence

















If you want to find out which authority you will need to get the right licensure from, here is a list based on NOC codes in the table above.

NOC Code                   Authority

0021-2147                 Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan (APEGS)

2151                            Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB)

2154                           Canadian Board of Examiners for Professional Surveyors (CBEPS)

2173-2175                 Canadian Association of Information Technology Professionals (CAITP)

3211                           Saskatchewan Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists (SSMLT)

3216                           Sonography Canada (SC)

4151                           College of Psychologists (CP)

4212                           Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW)

4214                           Ministry of Education

6331-7237                 Saskatchewan Apprenticeship & Trade Certification Commission (SATCC)



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