Quebec reopens is Immigrant Investor Program

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The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, a standout amongst the most famous financial specialist movement programs around the world, has been revived for new applications this week. This Canadian immigration alternative permits qualified immigrant speculators and their reliant relatives the chance to acquire Canadian perpetual living arrangement by contributing CAD$800 000 risk-free through an endorsed financial intermediary.

The admission time frame for applications continues to run from May 30, 2016, to February 28, 2017, however, in view of past admission periods, it is often commonplace for the 1900 application cap to be reached before then.

Applicants with an “advanced intermediate” level in French are not subject to the admission cap. In addition, their applications are given priority processing. A maximum of 1330 applications might be acknowledged from foreign nationals of the People’s Republic of China, including the authoritative locales of Hong Kong and Macao.


  • Minimum net worth– Hopefuls must have acquired a minimum of CAD $1.6 million in total assets , alone or with a partner. Resources, for example, property, financial balances, benefits supports, stocks and shares might be incorporated.
  • Management experience– Applicants must have at least two years’ administration involvement in the previous five years. The experience is not constrained to business endeavors, but rather can likewise be a global office, office or government organization.
  • Investments– The applicant must intend to settle in Quebec and consent to an investment agreement consenting to contribute CAD $800,000 with an endorsed financial intermediary. Qualified hopefuls must consent to an investment agreement with one of the financial intermediaries, a specialist or trust organization, approved to take an interest in the system. The venture can be financed by a financial intermediary.

In comparison to many other immigration programs around the globe, the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program clearly outweighs the rest.

For starters, an effective application prompts a Canadian permanent resident visa. There is no trial or restrictive stage, as there is for the EB5 visa in the United States, for instance. For the EB5 program, candidates may acquire a two-year green card that is restrictive on demonstrating that they made 10 occupations or more in that time period, while the Quebec program has no such procurement. Also the investment of CAD $800,000 is ensured by a Quebec government substance and returned in full after five years or can be financed by a Canadian financial establishment. Additionally, the investment prerequisite is far less cumbersome than other investor immigration programs, including the government of Canada’s Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program.

Lastly, every prompt individual from the hopeful’s family, spouse or common-law partner or kids less than 19 years old are incorporated into the application and have the same status as the competitor. This is not inexorably the situation for other financial specialist movement programs the world over. Fruitful candidates and their families may appreciate the advantages of permanent resident status, including universal health care services, free government education, and access to world-class universities.

Attorney David Cohen says “Given that the program is currently open and that previous application intake periods have filled quickly, I would encourage interested investors to prepare an application and gather supporting documents swiftly in order to submit a successful application while the opportunity is there.”

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