Quebec Immigrant Investor Program Reopens

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Quebec Immigrant Investor Program 


The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program is one of the world’s most famous immigration programs and it has now reopened. This program allows immigrant investors and their dependent family members the opportunity to obtain Canadian permanent residency. An investor is given the opportunity to invest CAD $800 000 risk free through an approved financial intermediary.

The intake period is open from the 30th of August 2015 until the 29th of January 2016. It is likely that the quota of 1750 will be filled before then. Another thing to note is that no more than 1200 applications will be accepted from one single country. Candidates with an “advanced intermediate” level in French will not be subject to this cap and they will be given priority processing.



  • Minimum net worth

Each candidate must have a minimum net worth of CAD $1.6 million, this can be alone or with a spouse or common-law partner. Assets such as property, bank accounts, pension funds and stocks and shares can be included.

  • Management experience

The candidate must have at least two years of management experience in the past five years. The company must also have at least two full time employees however the company doesn’t have to necessarily be profitable. The company can be an international agency or a government or department agency.

  • Investment

The candidate must intend to settle in Quebec and sign an investor agreement agreeing to invest CAD $800 000 with an approved financial intermediary. The investment can be financed by a financial intermediary.


The Quebec Advantage

A successful applicant of the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program will receive a Canadian permanent residence visa. There is no probationary period or conditional stage like there is with the EB5 for the U.S. An investment through the Quebec program is without risk and your investment of CAD $800 000 will be paid back to you in full in five years by the government of Quebec. All immediate family members of the candidate (spouse, common-law partner and dependent children) will receive permanent residence and receive all the same benefits. Some of these benefits include universal health care, free public education and access to world-class universities. This is not always the case with other investor immigration programs.

Given that the program is currently open and will likely fill soon, we encourage all prospective investors to prepare their applications and ready all the documents that are needed for the application process.



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