Nova Scotia Exceeds Immigration Expectations



A recent immigration report by the government of Nova Scotia uncovered that 2015 was a breakthrough year for the region, and it would appear that 2016 will see significantly more positive news.

In 2015, 3,403 individuals settled in Nova Scotia as permanent residents, the highest for over 10 years. Amazingly, this figure has already been obscured for the beginning of 2016, with 3,418 newcomers having made the province their home by the end of June. More than 1,000 of those newcomers are Syrian exiles who began arriving in December 2015.

Since mid-2015, the government of Nova Scotia has been proactive with its Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), one of Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs). These migration programs permit Canadian territories to choose newcomers, taking into account criteria set by the province.

Nova Scotia was not only the first province to dispatch a PNP stream adjusted to the government Express Entry immigration selection system, it was the first province to dispatch more than one such stream. Additionally, Nova Scotia effectively campaigned the federal government to expand its general PNP allocation not once, but rather twice, in doing as such bringing the aggregate NSNP allocation from 700 to 1,350.

Lena Diab, Nova Scotia’s Minister of Immigration says a welcoming spirit is what attracts individuals and families to the province. “They are welcoming people like they never welcomed them before,” Lena says.

“The support that we have received across this land and across this province from one region to the next has been overwhelming. I don’t believe anybody would have expected that kind of support. People are embracing diversity; people are loving the fact that we’re all different.”

Diab expects that adjustment in attitude will persuade more immigrant families to stay in the province, which has reported an immigrant retention of 74 percent for newcomers who landed somewhere around 2008 and 2013. 10 years back, less than 33% of newcomers stayed in the province.


Welcoming The World

Nova Scotia’s migration report highlights that the province invites workers from every corner of the globe. Somewhere around 2011 and 2015, the Philippines were the top source nation, trailed by the United Kingdom, India, China, and Israel. Rounding out the top 10 source nations were the US, Egypt, Iran, Bhutan, and Germany.


Main Occupations in Nova Scotia

Newcomers to Nova Scotia in 2015 are not only from around the globe, they likewise originated from all kinds of different backgrounds. The list below uncovers the most popular occupations among new immigrants to Nova Scotia:

  • Manufacturing & Utilities
  • Trades, Transport & Equipment Operators
  • Sales & Services
  • Art, Culture & Sport
  • Social Science, Education, Government & Religion
  • Healthcare Services
  • Natural & Applied Sciences
  • Business, Finances, and Administration
  • Management Occupations


Nova Scotia has additionally seen a consistent increase in the quantity of international students and foreign workers it invites on a temporary basis. A sum of 10,602 international students are in Nova Scotia.

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