It’s the Year for Canada and India

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It’s the Year for Canada and India



Canada has been busy building relationships with countries all over the world and now it’s India’s turn. The Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynne, will be leaving for India this month on a 10-day trade mission to India. The time has come for Canada to foster relations with this burgeoning country.

Wynne will not be going alone, she will be accompanied by 9 Liberal MPP’s, 50 business leaders, 19 representatives of tertiary institutions and 3 municipal leaders. The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is also planning to travel to India as is the Mayor of Toronto, John Tory.

“While we’re about to take a big step forward in India and start a new chapter in our partnership, it’s the evolution of a long-standing friendship that goes back generations,” she said at a recent pre-mission luncheon. “This can really be the year of Canada and India.”

Wynne and her delegation will travel from the 27th of January to the 6th of February. They will visit New Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Mumbai. The trade mission will focus on infrastructure, clean technology, clean water and the life sciences sector.

Ontario has pledged to spend $134 million over 10 years on infrastructure. India is subsequently planning to invest over US$1 trillion in infrastructure over the next 20 years.

John Farrow, the chair of the civil engineering consulting firm LEA Group Holdings, is one of the business delegates travelling to India with Wynne. He is looking to build on the 25 years of business that his company has already established in India.

“India is a country that is building a lot of infrastructures,” he said. “I think that the common element and one of the elements that link Ontario with India are they both have experience with rapid urban growth…Engineering has got a fairly low cultural content so if you can design a bridge in one language you can design it in another, which makes it a very international business.”

Wynne said her trade mission to China last year resulted in $2.5 billion worth of agreements and she is hoping to carry on with that momentum.

“This is a newer relationship in terms of solid business connections than for example China, so it will be on a different scale, but I absolutely think that you will see there will be real business, real jobs, real exchange, real trade that will develop because of this trade mission.”


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