International students choose to study in Canada over the United Kingdom

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Canada confidently boasts about the fact that their immigration process far surpasses that of any other country in the world. Because of this very fact, it is preferred as a place of study over the United Kingdom.

The reports come from a party parliamentary gathering in the UK, which discovered that their immigration system has prompted numerous international students choosing to study in other countries over theirs, such as Canada.

In the meantime, the new government of Canada has expanded general immigration target levels and declared that it aims to discover new approaches to make the immigration procedure less complex and more straightforward (than it already is) for international students once they have completed their studies in Canada. The Liberal government of Canada is for the most part seen as being the best in immigration, and it is understood that immigration target levels may increase again over the coming years of the government’s command.

John McCallum the Minister of Immigration recently said that Canada “must do more to attract students to this country as permanent residents,” adding on to that saying “they are the cream of the crop in terms of potential future Canadians.” It’s also a well-known fact that Canada spends more on education than any other country in the world, which is why we can see the need for Canada to attract more students.

Such a positive, inviting talk from the Canadian Immigration Minister is unique and rare in relation to remarks and proposition made over late years by companions in other created nations, for example, the UK, and the United States. A year ago the UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, was compelled to protect a government plan to oust international students from the UK after graduation. The UK government intends to “move towards zero net student migration,” with foreign students finding it too hard to stay in the UK once they’ve graduated. This is absolutely not the case for the Canadian government, as they implore students to start their post-grad life in Canada. Students are given multiple options for permanent residency and after they’ve resided in Canada as a permanent resident for a certain time frame they’re eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.

An example of this is, when a graduate from one of Canada’s educational institutions goes ahead to pick up work in Canada, they may be qualified for Canadian permanent residence under more than one governmental immigration program.

In addition, multiple Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) urge graduates to apply under particular streams. Sometimes, people who moved on from an institution in one province may even be qualified to apply under a PNP in another province.

Other than its preferred immigration process, there are numerous other reasons why Canada is favored as a study destination. Students have access to a high quality education, as well as a reasonable tuition cost, as well as employment options during and after graduation that can lead to permanent residency opportunities.

To get to know more about the particular advantages that study in Canada can offer in contrast to other countries, here are some things to consider:

  • Canada is a multicultural nation offering different living and learning environments
  • Transfer programs permit international students in Canada to start studying at a college, however, they are allowed to transfer at a later stage to a different university.
  • Foreign partners or common-law partners of global students can likewise come to Canada with an open work permit.
  • Students are allowed to work off-campus whilst studying, to generate an income, gain work experience and potentially build strong professional relationships.
  • After graduation, international students may acquire a post-grad work permit for up to three years, allowing graduates to work for a Canadian employer.
  • Canada hopes to encourage international students to build their careers in Canada by offering many gateways to obtain permanent residency in Canada.
  • Or if you’re unable to apply for permanent residence, studying in Canada could possibly open up this door for you.

As per the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), there was an 83 percent expansion in the number of international students in Canada between 2008 and 2014. 95 percent of those students would recommend Canada as a study destination and more half of every international student plans on one day making Canada their home, for good.

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