Happy Ending for dress-less bride

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A bride-to-be from Fort McMurray says she’s absolutely blown away by the overflowing of love and support she has received from Torontonians after her wedding dress was destroyed in the rapidly spreading fire that is devouring a great part of Alberta.

The bridal shop that held Elise’ dress was destroyed by the fire, her home however is still intact, which she was relieved to hear.

The bride to-be Elise Boissonneult said “You don’t expect this to happen and then for people to put out this much love and support… it’s crazy.” However despite the chaos Elise and her future groom chose to proceed with their wedding arrangements. When word got out about Elise, complete strangers took the situation to Facebook, in an attempt to find a dress that is almost identical to the one she had lost.

More than 100 dresses were offered by individuals over the city, and in addition other free services, from hair styling to gems to make her big day all the more special. One woman even offered up her brand new dress. After hearing about the incident, the woman went on to say “I could not imagine what this person must be going through not having a wedding dress or anything for that matter and so I thought, it’s going to bring her more joy than me.” Many other wedding dress offerings kept pouring in. Brides from all over the city really just wanted to do their bit for this distressed bride-to-be. The quick gained Facebook “fame” led to offers from two renowned bridal shops in Toronto, and she chose one from Lee-Ann Belter Bridal store.

The nearly wed couples explained that some of their guests won’t make it as Alberta is still pretty chaotic and leaving their homes just doesn’t seem fit at a time like this. The couple tries to focus on the positive and is hopeful that their home will still be standing after their big day.

Every cloud has a silver lining and it looks like this couple have found theirs.



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