Happy Canada Day

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Canada Day is the national day of Canada, a government statutory occasion praising the commemoration of July 1, 1867, establishment of the Constitution Act, 1867 which joined three provinces into a solitary nation called Canada inside the British Empire.

Originally named Dominion Day, the occasion was renamed in 1982, the year the Canada Act was passed. Canada Day observances occur all throughout Canada and among Canadians universally.

What we’re saying is, that today marks Canada’s birthday!

This is a huge celebration for Canada, and its celebrated just like general birthdays. Most events take place outside including breakfast, parades, concerts, carnival, festivals and fireworks, it’s not really Canada Day without the fireworks. Throughout the celebrations, Canada’s national flag is widely displayed.

Before this day was even titled, people would flock to the nation’s capital Ottawa, on July 1st. Ottawa is known for its legendary Canada Day celebration. The city’s workers have been fully occupied with transforming parts of downtown into a monster block party and have raised an elaborate stage on Parliament Hill.

Major’s Hill Park has been shut down while coordinators set up various activities for all ages, stages and food stands. Tents have sprung up offering everything from water bottle re-fills to medical aid. What’s more, hundreds of meters of fencing are covering the walkways, prepared to be utilized to cut off boulevards to accommodate the huge crowd expected. “We expect about 350 thousand people to turn out to Canada Day celebrations, and I would say about one-third are tourists from out of town,” says Heritage Canada representative, Katherine Cyr.

Experiencing Canada Day at Parliament Hill is on the bucket list of many Canadian, its that’s iconic. Its more than just one big party, it also spells massive business for the city. Numerous downtown vendors will have their single busiest day on Canada Day. “Yes it’s a very good day, very busy day,” says Sabrina Allam who, with her mom, runs a T-shirt stand in the Byward Market. They are loaded and prepared to run with many red-and-white, Canada-themed shirts. Hotels and restaurants are extremely busy during this celebration. Newcomers get a citizenship ceremony on Canada Day.

Fun Fact; As per the Holidays Act, Canada Day is July 1st, unless July first is a Sunday, then Canada Day is perceived on July second. On the off chance that July 1st is a Saturday, most businesses still take the next Monday off.

Though Parliament Hill, Ottawa is the place to be on Canada Day, the excitement flows throughout the Capital and other parts of the country.

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