Global Visas Shuts Its Doors

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Liam Clifford’s Global Visas Shuts Its Doors 


In the world that we live in today where war and poverty are just another daily occurrence for many people, immigration has become an “easy” escape for many. With this need brings a demand for companies that specialise in immigration and Canada has become one of the popular countries that people want to immigrate to. As it is in life, this demand will also breed a group that are waiting to take advantage of these unsuspecting people.

At Canadian Visa Review we have done a review on Global Visas and from our research we found that they had more than one characteristic that led us to believe that they may be a scam. Well now Global Visas in Dubai has shut its doors and has left 25 employees out of a job and owed wages.

Liam Clifford is the man behind Global Visas’ notoriety and it is not his first untrustworthy immigration company. We have also done a review on IXP/IP Visas, another of Clifford’s immigration companies, which also had some questionable attributes. Liam Clifford has a history of debt-ridden companies where he has promised people visas and did not deliver. He was even barred from holding a company directorship in the UK at one stage.

One of Global Visas client’s told The National that Global Visas had charged her more than Dh15 000 to help her and her family immigrate to Canada. One thing that people need to understand is that no immigration company or lawyer can guarantee you a visa to Canada.

The legitimacy of the accusations made against Global Visas and the fact that they have been taking money under false pretences remains to be determined, but the case does raise general questions about people who set up businesses in the UAE. Should these people and businesses be vetted? Should background checks be done? People need to be made aware of the political pitfalls of these companies.

This is exactly what we at Canadian Visa Review try to achieve with the reviews that we do on legitimate immigration companies and companies that we feel may have a questionable legitimacy. So visit and read through some of our reviews before you decide on an immigration company.

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  1. Carl Earley says:

    I used this service. They were slow. It took almost 3 years for me to all the forms everything submitter and approved. I was finally to move to Canada last summer. They mailed my permanent resident but it was returned I had forgotten to give them the box number. They said that if I would pay $30.00 they would send it by courier. I did not pay as I was planning on going to their office here in Ontario. I never made it there and I can’t contact them anymore. This was back in October or November. So now I need to find out how to get my Permanent Resident card.

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