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Canada is drawing nearer to bringing new measures into law that will permit immigrants to apply for Canadian citizenship much earlier and more effectively than at present. Changes to the current Citizenship Act is viewed as a centerpiece of the new Liberal government’s administrative motivation.

This would have awesome typical pertinence as Canadians are pleased with their citizenship and the status, rights, and opportunities that it gives. Canada urges new immigrants to consider becoming naturalized natives and joining the Canadian family. Canadian natives may apply for a Canadian passport, vote in elections, stand for open office, and leave and re-enter Canada without being bound by residency commitments. Canada perceives double citizenship allowing foreigners to gain Canadian citizenship without losing the citizenship they as of now hold.

Among the proposed revisions, is a diminishment in the amount of time occupants need to live in Canada in order to apply for citizenship. The drop sees the qualifying years dropping from four out of six years to three out five years.

The proposed corrections will likely cancel the aim to reside provision and language proficiency capability prerequisites for specific candidates. Likewise, the new legislation will cancel a contentious provision that disavowed citizenship from dual Canadian subjects convicted of terrorism, injustice or espionage. With a lion’s share government set up, it is predicted that the proposition will become law sooner rather than later.

The main significant potential hindrance is the means by which the bill might be dealt with in the Senate with Immigration Minister John McCallum among a group of government officials who have communicated wariness over how the Conservative-overwhelmed Senate may handle the bill.

In June 2014, the past Conservative government of Canada brought into law the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act (also known as bill C-24). Among different measures, this dubious legislation made qualification prerequisites for immigrants more difficult than had previously been experienced.It additionally permitted the legislature to renounce citizenship in certain cases.

With the new governing Liberal Party of Canada in power since November 2015 and an official  election manifesto that stated “repeal the unfair elements of Bill C-24 that create second-class citizens and the elements that make it more difficult for hard-working immigrants to become Canadian citizens”, this movement comes as no surprise.


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