Canadian Communities Set out to Welcome Syrian Refugees

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Communities all over Canada are preparing  to welcome Syrian refugees this fall as the pace of landings in Canada will increase in the coming weeks. Work to process Syrian refugee cases has proceeded over the mid-year and because of this exertion and the delivery of pre-entry introduction information sessions, more Syrian refugees are prepared to touch base in Canada.

Since the beginning of the Syrian resettlement activity, numerous groups outside the customary system of cities and towns that appreciated government-helped refugees have expressed an enthusiasm for helping refugees resettle and incorporate.

The Municipality of Chatham-Kent in Ontario connected to organize a  “Welcoming Community” through the Community Partnership Settlement Plan procedure.

Chatham-Kent will work with the neighborhood Resettlement Assistance Program service provider associations in Windsor and London to help refugees resettling in their region. This gives access to community services and supports to help these newcomers change in accordance with life in Canada.

Communities can expect an expansion in entries to start in mid-September. Around 6,000 more government-supported Syrian refugees people (which incorporates both government-helped and blended visa office-referred refugees) will touch base before the end of December 2016 alongside privately sponsored evacuees whose cases have been finished.

“Bringing refugees to Canada is only the first step. Helping them settle and integrate will require the support and participation of Canadians and communities across Canada. I am delighted that Chatham-Kent have come forward to support Syrian refugees who are arriving in their region.” Sais Minister of Immigration, John McCallum

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