Canada Ranked as one of the World’s Most Peaceful Countries

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A recent report has highlighted Canada’s reputation of wellbeing and peace, with further developments that ought to empower a future improvement in its ranking. As indicated by the report, the improvements will to a great extent be the consequence of Canada’s dynamic immigration policy.

The Global Peace Index report for 2016 was published earlier this year by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), the world’s major research organization committed to creating measurements to investigate peace and to evaluate its economic worth. The IEP is independent, non-partisan, and non-profit.

Canada has the second highest ranking of any non-European nation, which is the highest ranking of any non-European country sharing a land border with any other country. Canada has the highest ranking in North America, and they are expected to improve their ranking in the future.

The report concluded that the world is less peaceful than last year, with violence costing lives as well as 13.3% of worldwide Gross Domestic Product. Throughout the last decade, the average country GPI score has crumbled by an average of 2.44 percent. Among the countries that experience the most intense year-on-year deteriorations in peace were Ukraine and Turkey.

Canada has been positioned as eighth globally over a scope of peace-related indicators, with a generally speaking ‘high’ condition of peace. Canada’s ‘violent containment costs’, at only two percent of GDP, were the joint-lowest on the planet. Furthermore, the report presumes that Canada has the states of mind, institution, and structures that make and manage a serene society.

The report states that ‘the year [2016] actually saw developments that ought to enable a future improvement in its [Canada’s] score. The election in October 2015 of a Liberal Party government will result in the acceptance of thousands of Syrian refugees, greater spending on humanitarian aid, and the withdrawal of combat troops from missions in Iraq and Syria. These decisions will all be beneficial for the country’s score.

While the report states that Europe is “the most peaceful geographical region in the world,” recent events that occurred  subsequent to the information used as a part of the report was accumulated, is likely to have the impact on Europe’s ranking. Additionally, experts have proposed that related security concerns will likewise prompt an expansion in the quantity of individuals who may consider emigrating from their present homes. With provincial peace and security, it has become apparent that individuals around the globe are looking to Canada for immigration purposes.

“With increased security concerns and almost-daily reports of violence in many regions of the world, the least that could be said is that we live in interesting times. Of course, recent weeks and months have seen violence occurring in places where people did not think it would occur, and I think it is this factor that has led to much worry, particularly in Europe,” says Attorney David Cohen.

Global Peace Index 2016- Top 10:

  1. Iceland
  2. Denmark
  3. Austria
  4. New Zealand
  5. Portugal
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Switzerland
  8. Canada
  9. Japan
  10. Slovenia

The reports adds, “Experts are predicting a shift towards more reactionary politics and protectionist economics as a result, but Canada is something of an outlier in this regard. The relatively new government is global in its outlook and welcoming not just in tone, but also in practice. For example, it has pledged to take in more new immigrants than any other government in modern Canadian history.”

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