Canada Plans for More Visa Offices in China

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Canada’s Minister of Immigration, John McCallum, is presently in Beijing to meet with agents from the Chinese Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Public Security to talk about opening five new Canadian visa offices throughout China.

McCallum is intending to open the new visa offices sooner rather than later, with a perspective to facilitating the pathway to Canada for Chinese nationals. These visa offices willprepare applications for temporary status in Canada, including Temporary Resident Visas (TRVs) and study permits. China provides more visitors to Canada than any other individual nation. Chinese nationals require a TRV to enter Canada for a transitory stay.

The suggestion for five new visa offices is especially timely considering the expected presentation of new regulations for TRVs by 2018. While arrangements are not yet finalized, it is expected that candidates for a TRV might be required to present themselves in-person at a visa office. McCallum expressed, “that means you have to fan out across the country,” in order to guarantee that potential candidates may get to a visa office.

International Students at the Forefront- Chinese understudies additionally offer a solid impact on McCallum’s plans. More than 120,000 Chinese nationals are currently pursuing a study program in Canada, implying that Chinese nationals speak to the biggest gathering of international students in Canada by a large margin.

When referring to both students and tourists, McCallum said he and his department aim to attract “the highest growth we can of tourists coming to Canada, of qualified foreign students who want to study in Canada. If that’s a doubling [in numbers], that’s great.”

The Liberal government has unequivocally perceived that international students and tourists infuse cash into the economy and help in employment creation, two key goals of the government. McCallum specifically has expressed over and over that Canada ought to accomplish more to pull in international students, and urge them to stay after graduation. Global graduates in Canada may apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit and, in the long run, for permanent residency.

Promising Future- McCallum’s visit to China goes before Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s official visit toward the end of August. With immigration changes, and aneed for the Liberal government, further improvements in Sino-Canadian immigration understandings may develop during that visit. Canada has been a prevalent destination for Chinese immigrants for a long time, and Chinese languages are the third most spoken language in Canada after the two official languages, English and French.

Somewhere around 2006 and 2014, the quantity of Chinese nationals holding work permits under the International Mobility Program and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program ascended by 478 percent. Additionally, over late years China has been among the top source nations for new Canadian permanent residents. Chinese nationals additionally make up the greater part of candidates to the Quebec Investor Program.


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