Canada History Week

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This week is Canada History Week! Celebrated each year from July 1-7, the week observes Canada’s history and the important events that have molded the nation into what it is today. The Canada Week initiative was officially launched in 2013 by the Department of Canadian Heritage. Since Canada is wildly known as the land of immigrants, this week gives Canadian-born and those who are not Canadian nationals the opportunity to participate and learn about Canada’s rich history through history-related activities and events around the country.

During Canada History Week this year, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights celebrates the women who changed the course of women’s rights in Canada. This has been impressively displayed in the “Let Them Howl: 100 Years in the Women’s Rights Struggle exhibition.” Here are some of the other Canada History Week related activities and activities:

Heritage Minutes- A progression of short video clips that highlight key events all through Canadian history.

Canada: A People’s History- An award-winning CBC TV series that describes Canada’s history through the ‘eyes of the people who lived it.’

The War of 1812- an Important pivotal point that shaped Canada’s identity as a nation.

National Historic Sites of Canada- Here you get to learn about the 950 historical sites in Canada. The

Canadian Museum of immigration- Learn all there is to know about Canada’s immigration history.

Catherin McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Minister who’s responsible for Parks Canada, announced the destinations of the 13 new persons, places, and events that have characterized Canada’s history. These new designations mirror the rich and varied history of Canada in areas related to Indigenous Peoples, government and the economy, arts and architecture, and military history. The celebration procedure is to a great extent driven by public nominations and designations are made on the proposal of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada. To date, more than 2,000 designations have been made.

As Canada nears the 150th commemoration of Confederation in 2017, the Government of Canada welcomes Canadians to encounter and learn more about their surroundings and history. Canada’s national parks and national historic sites empower Canadians to encounter their legacy extraordinarily and will have a huge impact in the celebration of Canada 150.

“As we celebrate Canada History Week, I am very proud to recognize the people, places, and events that shaped Canada, including the 13 new designations announced today. Each of these designations is a distinct and vibrant symbol of Canadian identity. They tell the stories of who we are as a people, including the contributions of Indigenous Peoples. I encourage all Canadians to take this opportunity to discover and learn more about the incredible and diverse history of our great nation.” Catherine McKenna.

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