Canada extends a warm welcome to all US citizens seeking refuge

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Grab your U-Hauls fellas, it’s time to move! Following the results from #SuperTuesday, more and more Americans are considering moving to Canada as Donald Trump stands on the cusp of election.


As stated by Simon Rogers from Google, searches inquiring about how to make a departure to America’s friendly neighbor up north were still hitting the roof, up 1,450 percent compared to the same time the day before, according to Google Analytics. Rogers tweeted the findings just as the final votes were tallied at 9:15pm and found that searches for “how can I move to Canada” on Google have spiked by +350%. According to a recent poll done by Ipsos, it appears that 19% of Americans are ready to pack up and leave if Trump wins, most of these individuals being aged between 18-34. It was also reported that the Canadian Immigration and Citizenship website was also experiencing delays from being so overwhelmed following the big event.


In an article published by The Washington Post, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau is described as the “Anti-Trump” for having vastly divergent views on feminism, climate change, dancing, religion and for being nice in general. In their post, they outline how Trudeau “trumps” the Republican front-runner as a younger, more favorable political leader.

In a light hearted quip with Huffington Post, Trudeau extended a warm welcome to all future immigrants looking for better opportunity. “Cape Breton is lovely, all times of the year,” he replied after being asked to comment on Trump’s controversial views on immigration, national security and non-American Muslims. He further went on to add; “I’m not going to pick a fight with Donald Trump right now. But I’m not going to support him either, obviously”

“There have been lots of times in the past where the ideologies of president and prime minister haven’t perfectly matched up, and where there’s been a very constructive and positive relationship,” he said. “Quite frankly, that’s what both Americans and Canadians expect of their leaders, and that’s what I’ll be working hard to do.”


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One entrepreneurial island has also jumped on the receiving bandwagon and extended a warm welcome to all potential immigrants by dedicating an entire website to educating them about the benefits of immigrating to Nova Scotia, Canada – one benefit in particular being that Trump will not be there. Taking advantage of the large percentage of people entertaining the idea of immigrating to Canada from the US, Rob Calabrese, the creator of the website comments; “We just thought it would be a good opportunity to let people know: If you’re nervous about the possibility of Trump being president … this is how it is here” – and by the looks of it, it is ‘lovely’ indeed.


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