Alberta Ranked 4th in Global Quality of Life Index

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Alberta managed to make its way to the Top 10 of a Quality of Life report coming in at number four, which considered cities around the world in its annual list.

Albertans, for instance, delighted in a quality of life in 2014 equivalent to that found in countries like Switzerland or Denmark, according to a new report that tries to reproduce the United Nations human development index for Canadian locales.

At the other end of scale, the report states Nunavut has  a quality of life like that of Latvia or Croatia. Here is a rundown of where the Canadian provinces and territories  rank on a global scale:

  • Alberta 4th
  • Ontario 8th
  • British Columbia 11th
  • Saskatchewan 12th
  • Quebec 12th
  • Northwest Territories 15th
  • Newfoundland and Labrador 16th
  • Nova Scotia 22nd
  • Yukon 22nd
  • Prince Edward Island 23rd
  • Manitoba 23rd
  • New Brunswick 25th
  • Nunavut 46th

Generally speaking, Canada holds down the ninth spot on the 2015 UN index of 188 nations, which was based on 2014 information. It tied with New Zealand, ranking one spot below the United States. By correlation, if Alberta had been ranked up against nations on the list, it would have scored fourth place, the highest among Canada’s provinces and territories. Nunavut would have possibly ended up 46th , the report claims.

“Although most Canadian provinces and territories achieve impressive ranks in the international context, evidently Canada’s overall (human development index) masks substantial variation among the different regions,” The Centre for the Study of Living said. “Our report highlights the diverse human development experiences of Canadians”

The UN human development index is a commonly used tool that measures one nation’s standing with another. It joins information on life expectancy, education and gross national income to produce a ranking of the UN’s member countries.

To reproduce the index for provinces and territories, report author and financial expert James Uguccioni reported that he used Statistics Canada information to ensure it was as consistent as possible. In addition, the report rated  B.C. as the top-ranked Canadian district for life expectancy, while Nunavut was last. Compared to UN nations, Nunavut was No. 103 for life expectancy.


It additionally said Nunavut positioned last when it came to average educational attainment, while Yukon had the highest level. Nunavut trailed in the class of expected years of schooling, in which Quebec was No. 1. Globally, Nunavut was 107th.


For gross national wage per capita, Northwest Territories was first and Prince Edward Island was last.

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