How To Have A Successful Skype Or Telephone Interview


Impress your next interviewer with these easy to follow steps and you could be walking into your dream job in Canada.

5-steps to a successful telephone interview.

  1. Have notes in front of you: Always ensure that you do your research about the prospective company before the interview by keeping up to date on their news and updates. Ensure these are on-hand when you are on the call as this is a sure way of impressing the interviewer.
  2. Get rid of the distractions: Choose a quiet and private space without any distractions or background noises.
  3. Answer the phone quickly and professionally: Always be prepared on time for the call, interviewers should not have to struggle to get hold of you.
  4. Use a landline: Landlines are more reliable with less chance of getting disconnected, losing signal or running out of battery life.
  5. Focus, listen, and pronounce words clearly: Listen to the questions carefully and always ask for clarification if you are unsure. There is no need to rush through the answer, so take a minute or two to collect your thoughts. Make sure you speak slowly, carefully and clearly when you respond.

7-steps to a successful Skype interview.

  1. Professional Skype name: Ensure that your skype name is not too informal or rude as this can create a negative impression before you have even started the interview.
  2. Be comfortable in front of the camera: Impress the interviewer by appearing comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. To overcome your nerves you can always practice with a friend or in front of a camera.
  3. Don’t become distracted by your own image: Many people find the small image of themselves in the corner of the chat window distracting. To avoid this, simply change the settings of your skype account to disable your image.
  4. Test the equipment beforehand: Test your computer’s webcam and speakers as well as your Skype account before the interview to ensure you will not be disconnected at any time.
  5. Prepare Your Surroundings: Find a quiet room, preferably with a blank wall space and nothing to distract you while the interview is taking place. A busy background can distract your interviewer and detract from the interview.
  6. Look the Part: Always dress as if you are attending the interview in person.
  7. Don’t over gesture: Over-using your hands can be very distracting so keep your movements contained.



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