Why Toronto?

Vibrant, exciting and multicultural, Toronto is the provincial capital of Ontario and home to 2.8 Million people. This thriving city which is known as the international center of business, finance, arts and culture, and lies along the Northwestern shores of Lake Ontario. Many will recognise the city skyline thanks to the famous CN Tower which provides some of the best views of Toronto, and is a definite must-see.

This popular city is consistently rated near the top of the list of the world’s most livable cities each year, however it is known as having the highest cost of living rates in Canada with a ranking of 37th globally.

Toronto is home to a diverse collection of cultures with 49.9% being foreign immigrants. The city is comprised primarily of English and Chinese as well as Canadian and Irish residents. East Indian, Filipino and Scottish nationalities follow closely in numbers.

Top job industries. 

Toronto is Canada’s financial hub, with over 100 000 businesses taking residence in the city. The top business sectors are Financial Services, Accounting and Legal Firms with hospitality and tourism becoming a notably prosperous industry due to the high volume of tourists and business needs. Top notch corporates include Deloitte & Touche, Pricewater house Coopers and Borden Ladner Gervais legal firm.

Living in Toronto.

Where to live.

While singles and couples usually stay in the city and downtown, the outlying suburbs including North York, Markham and Richmond Hill are a popular choice for families. Close to schools and offering a lower cost of living as well as a 50% lower crime rate than that of the city, many find that life in the suburbs is favorable.


Toronto offers the finest in universities including The University of Toronto which is ranked as the top learning institution in Canada and 20th in the world, specializing in arts and science amongst other programs. As a multicultural city, there are both private and public schools catering to different religions including Islamic, Jewish and Christian while the most common schools are either English or French.


Public transport is easily accessible across Toronto with the high-powered Toronto Transit Commission, North America’s third largest public transit system. Residents and visitors can easily get around the city with the underground subways, buses and streetcars at competitive prices


Residents of Ontario enjoy the benefits of health care services paid for by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). A health card will be presented three months after residency has been established.




Toronto highlights

CN Tower and EdgeWalk.

The CN tower is an iconic landmark in Toronto, formally holding the title as the tallest freestanding structure in the world. This concrete communications and observation deck provides the best view of the city and attracts over 2 million visitors a year. Thrill seekers can now enjoy the EdgeWalk, the world’s highest, hands-free walk around the main pod of the tower, 356 meters above the ground.


Hockey Hall of Fame.

Since 1943, this dedicated museum is a celebration of all things ice hockey. The building holds memorabilia, trophies including the Stanley Cup and various exhibits about the teams. A definite visit for all hockey enthusiasts.

Casa Loma.

Spanish for “Hill House”, this multi-story castle is over 100 years old and open to the public as a museum and landmark in midtown Toronto. As a location for many popular movies including Harry Potter and X-Men, this tourist attraction boasts 5 acres of gardens and fantastic views of the city.

Royal Ontario Museum.

This museum is located close to the University and is one of the world’s leading museums of natural history and world cultures. 6 Million items adorn over 40 galleries with the largest display of  fossils from The Burgess Shale.

The Art Gallery of Ontario.

One of North America’s largest art galleries, this expansive building displays over 80 000 works of art, spanning from the first century to present day. The gallery houses the largest collection of Canadian artworks and continues to grow in size with an impressive display of European artworks.

Niagara Falls.

Only 90 minutes away from Toronto lies Niagara Falls. This tourist hotspot renowned for its unique beauty and array of large waterfalls, is a must-see for anyone visiting or living in Toronto. The falls stand at 51 meters tall with over 6 million cubic feet of water falling every minute.Toronto

Pros and cons of living in the area.

Toronto’s Positives

  1. Prestigious schools and universities.
  2. The art scene and leisure options.
  3. Transit system that spans a large area.
  4. Canada’s financial, IT and manufacturing hub.

Toronto’s Negatives

  1. Oversized and ever growing population.
  2. Cold Winters.
  3. Constant influx of traffic and vehicles on the road.
  4. High levels of pollution.
  5. Costly housing.

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