Ottawa vs. Calgary

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According to a recent study, Calgary overtook Ottawa as Canada’s best city. Thus making Calgary the top city to live in in Canada, and best city to raise children in.

In many ways Calgary and Ottawa are similar. Both only became cities in the late 1900’s, and both have populations of just over one million. Calgary and Ottawa are ‘river’ cities and are generally quite youthful with the average age being mid-30s. Lastly, both cities are highly educated.

So, let’s see just how similar or how different these cities are when put up against one another.

The obvious concern for anyone who’s coming from outside Canada is the weather, people freeze (literally) when reading a Canadian weather report. Well though Calgary has significantly less rainy days in a year compared to Ottawa 87:109, Ottawa has a higher average maximum temperature.


Onto a more serious note, we have to give great praise to Ottawa as the capital of Canada, which is also known as the political and technological centre.

Ottawa is Canada’s fourth largest city and many newcomers flock to this city to experience its high quality of life and bask in its versatile weather. Many immigrants have chosen to call Ottawa their home and have taken on the Canadian lifestyle. It’s easy to see why, as Ottawa has one of the lowest crime rates in Canada and some of the highest salaries.

Ottawa has more landmarks on the UNESCO World Heritage list than Calgary. The list includes 962 landmarks which form part of the cultural and natural heritage which the World Heritage Committee considers as having outstanding universal value. Ottawa in generally a safe city and noticeably has more ethnic groups than Calgary. Among the ethnicities that roam the city of Ottawa are; Chinese, South Asian, Arabs and many other. Fun fact; Ottawa hasn’t had a major natural disaster during the last 100 years according to the World Meteorological Organization.


Located in the province of Alberta, east of the Canadian Rockies we come to find, Calgary. Calgary was the first Canadian city to host the Winter Olympic Games in 1988, the most expensive Olympic Games in history, up to this very day. Because of this well-known fact Calgary has become a popular destination among tourists and immigrants alike, among other reasons. Calgary surpasses Ottawa in the ethnic group department, homing over 200 different ethnic groups.

Logistically speaking, Calgary has a lower unemployment rate which indicates better career opportunities and economic growth. More than half of the residents living in Calgary are university and college graduate, with a vast majority of them being scientists and engineers. According to a few residents, there is no need to own a car in the city of Calgary and there is no judgment if you do not own one as it is perfectly understandable as to why not. It is more cost effective to travel via public transport than to own a car. As previously mentioned Calgary is a vibrant and youthful city, this youthful population leads to better development perspectives as young societies are more dynamic and creative. Fun fact; Calgary has 3 billionaires from the annual Forbes list who reside within the city.

Both cities have strong pulling factors, by choosing either you’re not at a loss for the other as they’re similar in many ways. Calgary and Ottawa are both beautiful cities with similar characteristics but are both unique in its own way.

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