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MoneySense’s yearly ranking of the best urban communities and towns for new immigrants to Canada has been overhauled for 2016, with different destinations across the country competing to be crowned number one. The ranking system looks at business rates, rental expenses and existing immigrant populations in groups crosswise over Canada. It was the country’s capital, Ottawa, which came in the lead position.

While the accompanying rundown is not set to MoneySense’s positioning, these urban communities have been highlighted by the famous magazine Macleans as being especially inviting for newcomers to Canada who are beginning a new life. These urban communities were picked on the grounds that they offer well-paying jobs, low unemployment rates, a steady property market and social differing qualities.


  1. Guelph, Ontario

The city of Guelph is a dynamic community of more than 120,000 individuals arranged in the heart of southern Ontario, only 100 km west of Toronto. Evaluated unemployment rate: 4.8% Foreigners as % of populace: 17%, Normal rent for two-room condo: $1,027.

Wyndham Street, Guelph, Ontario

2. St. Albert, Alberta

St. Albert, known as The Botanical Arts City, is one of Alberta’s most delightful communities. It is found northwest of Edmonton. Evaluated unemployment rate: 5.1%. Foreigners as % of populace: 9%. Normal rent for two-room flat: $1,383.



3. Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina is the capital city of Saskatchewan, and has a populace of around 200,000. Regina is the social and business focus of southern Saskatchewan. Assessed unemployment rate: 5.2%. Outsiders as % of populace: 12%. Normal rent for two-room flat: $1,097


July 15 2012 016

4. Burlington, Ontario

Found west of Toronto on the shore of Lake Ontario, Burlington pulls in explorers, birders and nature sweethearts, as well as a large number of newcomers to Canada. Assessed unemployment rate: 4.9%. Migrants as % of populace: 18%. Normal rent for two-room condo: $1,267.



5. Saanich, British Columbia

Saanich signifies “rising land” or “rising individuals”, a flawless name for a famous foreigner destination. It is situated on wonderful Vancouver Island, on Canada’s west drift. Evaluated unemployment rate: 5.2%. Settlers as % of populace: 17%. Normal rent for two-room flat: $1,144.



6. Delta, British Columbia

Delta shapes part of the Greater Vancouver territory, yet is a pleasure in its own way. Around 23% of Delta’s populace are unmistakable minorities, of which there are roughly 12,000 South Asians and 5,400 Chinese Canadians. Assessed unemployment rate: 4.9%. Outsiders as % of populace: 27%. Normal rent for two-room flat: $1,051.


7. Brossard, Quebec

Brossard is the business center point of Montreal’s south shore. It is a standout amongst the most ethnically different districts in Canada. Evaluated unemployment rate: 5.3%. Settlers as % of populace: 36%. Normal rent for two-room flat: $789.



8. Waterloo, Ontario

Waterloo is known as a focal point of innovation and advancement, a component that draws in numerous innovatively sharp newcomers. Assessed unemployment rate: 5.2%. Migrants as % of populace: 25%. Normal rent for two-room flat: $1,081.



9. Gatineau, Quebec

Situated opposite Ottawa on the Quebec side of the Quebec-Ontario fringe, Gatineau is the primary town of the Outaouais area of Quebec. Assessed unemployment rate: 5.5%. Foreigners as % of populace: 9%. Normal rent for two-room loft: $752.



10. Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa, the thumping heart of government life in Canada, is an inexorably well-known destination for newcomers to Canada. For 2016, it is positioned as the best place to settle in the entire nation. Assessed unemployment rate: 6.6%. Outsiders as % of populace: 20%. Normal rent for two-room condo: $1,176.


Canada has always been a nation rich in options, this article will assists you in making a well-informed decision on where you choose to settle.

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