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The cyborg Olympics, or Cybathlon as it has been named, will occur in Zurich this October. Its point is to quantify the execution of the most recent improvements in innovation that people groups with handicaps finish day by day assignments. Unlike the regular Olympics, in which competitors with enhanced capabilities are considered to have an unfair disadvantage, at the Cybathlon, these mods are to be supported.

Canada however, has its very own partaker this year. “He’s been likened to the Terminator and the Six Million Dollar Man.”

Danny Letain, a previous Paralympic skier who experienced childhood in Kenora, Ontario, is going to contend at the world’s first “Cyborg Olympics,” happening this October. The 2016 Cybathlon will test both man and machine as members with incapacities compete in various assignments with the assistance of bleeding edge mechanical innovation.

Letain will utilize an uncommonly composed “bionic” arm, created by a group of analysts at Simon Fraser University. Letain says that the new innovation is permitting him to utilize his hand and fingers in ways he has not been able to do after he had losing his arm in a workplace accident over three decades ago.

The automated arm detects muscle development above where Letain’s amputation occurred, and uses that data to make sense of how he is attempting to move his missing hand and fingers. Letain is entered in the Powered Arm Prosthesis Race, and will compete with different members in a race to finish assignments, for example, doing a puzzle, carrying objects, opening a jar, cutting bread and hanging clothing. Which is all things able bodied people take for granted every day.

He hopes that’s his team will be the one walking away with gold as this is a competition, but his main focus is on creating awareness for the development of new and better prosthetics. Letain and the scientists from Simon Fraser University are the only Canadian group partaking in the Cybathlon. They have dispatched a crowdfunding effort to pay for the trip.

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