Taurus Infotek Review

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Taurus Infotek Review

Logo and website for Taurus Infotek immigration consultant services

Taurus Infotek immigration consultant services promises “superior quality service”

The Immigration Consultant Services of Taurus Infotek and who They are

Our Taurus Infotek Review found that Taurus is an immigration consultant service run by Manoj Palwe in the sprawling city of Pune, Maharashtra, India. The company makes great claims about their service and boasts about being the winner of Acquisition International’s migration visa consultant of the year award in 2014.


A quick look at their website casts doubt over Taurus Infotek’s promised, “superior quality service”. Our Taurus Infotek Review will assist you in choosing the right immigration consultant services.


What Immigration Consultant Services Does Taurus Infotek Offer?


In our Taurus Infotek Review we took at look at their website, which is difficult to navigate with many tabs leading to no information. Once we hit the right buttons we discovered that Taurus Infotek provides immigration consultant services to Canada and Australia.


On their website you can find some information relating to migration to Canada. However, the company seems to only focus on the Canadian Express Entry system. Little is said about visa sponsorship or any other form of immigrating to Canada.


Some of the immigration services they offer to these countries include, but not limited to:

  • Express Entry;
  • Family Visa;
  • Study Visa;
  • Sponsorships; and
  • Visitors Visa

Can Taurus Infotek be Trusted for Their Immigration Consultant Services?


It is important that their immigration consultants are registered members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (IRCC). We checked Palwe’s registration number (R422575) and found him to be a real member of the council.


Taurus Infotek claims to have won many awards; however, once you visit their website, you quickly wonder how this happened.  Their site is filled with errors in grammar and spelling, making it very difficult to understand the information it contains. We found strings of letters like “be:ization”in their content. This makes their service seem unprofessional.


It worries us that Taurus Infotek has mismatched information on different parts of their website. In “Questions and Answers” it says that Palwe has 14 years of experience in immigration consultant services and in the “About” section, it says Taurus Infotek has provided 16 years of service.


The website contains no information on privacy policies, refunds or terms and conditions. This is often an indication of a scammer, so we  recommend you to be careful when handing over personal information.


The only reference to a policy that we could find are these confusing sentences, “The company has a very flexible policy towards the fees. For deserving clients, they start with a token payment of rupee one also.” Nowhere could we find information on what a “flexible policy” is, who “deserving clients” are and what “a token payment of rupee one also” means.

Illustration of businessmen leading a blindfolded man off of a cliff


The Website and Social Media Reviews of Taurus Infotek

On opening the website of Taurus Infotek, the first impression one gets is that it lacks appeal and a modern feel. The website design and general feel is very bland and too basic to be considered professional, something which is very important in the immigration industry.


Although the company has a very active Youtube account, the video quality is extremely poor and seems too homemade. The videos themselves are not professional and are difficult to understand.


On Facebook, Taurus Infotek is not as busy. They only have 984 followers and 14 reviews. On their feed you will only find links to their Youtube channel.


Though the company scores four stars on Facebook, we noticed that some of the best reviews are not from people who actually used the immigration consultant services.


Online review from Taurus Infotek Facebook





Some customers also seemed to be quite angry with Taurus Infotek.


…  Negative review on Taurus Infotek





If you decide to use Taurus Infotek be careful. Our review of their immigration consultant services have shown them to be unprofessional, difficult to understand and possibly untrustworthy.


There are many scammers in the world of immigration consultant services. So make sure you trust the consultant before you give them money. You may never see it again.


Find someone you can trust with us, Canadian Visa Review.

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