Canadian Immigration Services Review for Abhinav Outsourcing


Canadian Immigration Services Review for Abhinav Outsourcing

To help you avoid Canadian immigration we have done an in-depth Canadian Immigration Services Review for Abhinav Outsourcing, to see if you can trust them with your Canadian immigration.


About Abhinav Outsourcing Ltd.



Abhinav Outsourcing was said to be established in 1992 and is run and owned by Ajay Sharma. He states that:

“It is our responsibility to know each country very well before we start providing consulting services to our client.”

Mr. Sharma also states that he is a principal consultant for immigration matters, although he is qualified as an economist, rather than a professional immigration consultant or lawyer. Abhinav Outsourcing is a company that seems to offer immigration to countries like:

Australia USA Canada Denmark
Hong Kong Hungary Quebec


The company also claims to have over 500 years of combined experience in the immigration field, since it was established in 1994.  The business says that they offer over 50 residency and non-residency visa options, where they operate in four different branches in India.

Abhinav Outsourcing’s Web and Services

Our Canadian Immigration Services Review for Abhinav Outsourcing shows the website design of Abhinav Outsourcing is not the best, it can be rather difficult to navigate around certain parts of the web page, and some of the graphics have rather poor quality. There is a lot of information included on the web page, but a lot of the English used is poorly written on some of the articles.



Abhinav Outsourcing does have a great deal of information on certain immigration news. But some of the content on the site is badly written. Certain keywords are also missing from the website or are incorrectly inserted.


The website mentions a “Regulated Canadian Law Immigration Advisor,” this immediately raises an issue with its legitimacy. There is another major error that stands out, the website has included the old name of the Canadian Immigration Office (CIC), they have no updated it since it has changed to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


Abhinav does claim that they have people that will help you with your immigration but do not mention any names besides Ajay Sharma. or important information like RCIC numbers to show their legitimacy. There is no mention of affiliated Law firms or Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants with their relevant RCIC numbers that are normally involved in the immigration process. If Abhinav is not regulated by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), then they cannot legally help you apply, if they charge for their services.


There is a blog on the website that posts somewhat regularly over the months, but as with the homepage, some of them are poorly written but do have relevant information. Some of the articles may also be outdated in their information, for example, their article on “Express Entry Eligible Occupation List for – 2015”, is two years out of date. There are not enough postings specifically for Canadian immigration policies and programs to really help the user.


The web page does have a:

  • Terms & Conditions;
  • Privacy Policy;
  • Disclaimer; and
  • Refund Policy


This is generally a good sign. But in order to qualify for certain refunds, you are required to produce everything from records of telephone calls to emails to back up your claims. Of course, there are some things you cannot claim a refund on like IELTS tests or health exams.


Social Media and Online Reviews


Our Canadian Immigration Services Review for Abhinav Outsourcing Abhinav also examined their social media on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Google+ and YouTube. The website says that it has over 42,000 Facebook followers, but the number of likes and shares for their posts do not match their follower number. Many of their posts do not have any likes or shares. But the company at least posts regularly.


Ironically the client testimonials look like they have been copy pasted onto the Facebook web page from the Abhinav web page. There are no real Facebook accounts of people who claim to have been happy customers, so it does add doubt to its authenticity.


There seem to be mixed reactions from customers on the services provided by Abhinav. Everything from 5 stars rates down to 1. The biggest complaints seem to be that the clients were not told enough information about the visas they were hoping to qualify for, and then did not qualify because of test scores or other factors.


There are only glowing reviews on their website that date back to 2011, but these reviews are also hard to trace to real people with real accounts, like Facebook. All the reviews are exceptionally good, but it does make it hard to look more authentic when you cannot put a face to the name.


In our Canadian Immigration Services Review for Abhinav Outsourcing Abhinav, there seem to be quite a few things that are missing if you offer legal immigration services. The lack of either legal or RCIC qualifications is worrying. It is also strange that one company offers so many visa options for so many different countries, instead of just specializing in one or two instead. The fact that the countries that Abhinav Outsourcing offer immigration services for vary depending on the pages you visit. The “About Us” page add three other countries (The UK, Lithuanian and Latvia) to the list, that is not mentioned anywhere else on the web page.


Overall Abhinav Outsourcing may not be the best choice for your immigration needs, because of missing essential information.

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8 Discussion to this post

  1. Anshu says:

    I wish I would have come to this site before paying Rs 85000 to them from my hard earned saving, once they have the money, they wont contact you for anything. They dont have any role to play in the process. Everything is done on canadian website, you dont need them to do it for you.

  2. Jack Paul says:

    I had the most absolutely wonderful experience with Abhinav (Mumbai Branch). I work in the oil fields on a 3 month work, one month break cycle, so it was physically impossible for me to keep a track of everything and follow up on my Express Entry application, when I was first thinking about applying. I was shopping around for consultancy companies to help me with the PR visa when my sister told me about Abhinav. I gave them a call and they helped me with everything. Calculating my score, finding if I would be eligible to apply for the Express Entry Visa, what I had to do to make sure everything went smoothly, everything. I live in Kerala and I was communicating with the Abhinav office in Mumbai. I visited their offices only twice during my entire process, not because I had to, but because I wanted to meed the people who were helping me with the process. Almost everything was done over phone calls and I couldn’t be any more happier. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Ali Asgar and Ms. Rukhsar Qureshi for all their help and support. I see a lot of negative reviews, but I can assure you, the Mumbai branch of Abhinav is nothing short of courteous, helpful and downright nice.

  3. Shantanu says:

    I just got my my Canadian PR a week ago, and it has been a roller coaster ride for me as one has to be patient through out the visa process. Abhinav, was the consultancy I choose over, on recommendation by one of my cousin.

    Abhinav had been top of every single moment in terms of guidance and the opportunities which might foster my Visa process.

    My consultant Abinayasri, had in depth knowledge of the entire process, and she guided me thoroughly in every aspect and every walk of this journey. I never dreamt that it would be so easy under her guidance the only thing I had to keep in mind is to be patient.

    I thanks Abhinav for their guidance and I would definitely recommend Abhinav in near future for anyone who is aspiring to apply for a Canadian Visa.

    Cheers & Thanks a lot.

  4. HARRY says:

    Abhinav themselves are fraud and will only loot your money in the name of consultancy and providing service of Express entry / canada immigration ..
    Once money is given they forget about application …will try to delay overall process … will stop responding to calls/emails and you will be left where you were just without money you had which you gave to them.


    • Dr Shruti says:

      i am also trying to apply for PR in Canada. can you please tell me is Abhinav Outsourcing is reliable?

      • Harry says:

        Do not fall for their trap … they are worst sacmmers in India.. they wont speak /contact/communicate once they have your money… and as far as Canada PR is concerned they dont have any role to play .
        They will just fool you and delay your process asking for more and more money .
        I have lost my hard earned money and i hope no-one loses it to this fraudsters .. Search on Youtube / join whatsapp groups / google the process on quora .. you will easily find it and only you can help yourself (which is abhinav will say after taking your money) so better do it without giving them money to listen to that 😄 All the best and please please please dont go to any consultant specially abhinav.

      • Shivani says:

        It’s better to go through the Canadian government website. Do your research online and do things step by step with timelines. Abhinav is a fraud. They took money from me and my husband, and the service is horrible. My husband and i have to do all the research ourselves and have to keep calling the Abhinav person assigned to us, he is always in a meeting or his phone is not working. These agencies will take your money and take you for a ride. The best thing to do is go to the Canadian website, google (everything is available on the net) and talk to people who have gone there for tips. Best of luck!

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