Aussizz Group Immigration Services Review

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Aussizz Group Immigration Services Review

Aussizz Group Immigration Services website

Aussizz Group Immigration Services website

About Aussizz Group


We begin the Aussizz Group Immigration Services review with their About Us page.


Aussizz group was established in 2009. The company’s head office is in Gujurat, India and they have other offices in Dubai, Melbourne, Kathmandu, and another in Auckland.


Overall, Aussizz Group have 7 offices in and around India.


Aussizz Group are specialists in providing immigration services to Australia and Canada. Aussizz have mentioned that they have over 18 immigration agents; however, all of them seem to only be certified by the Australian government.


There is no mention of whether they have Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs), who are responsible for Canadian immigration. Our search through the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) website could not tell us if anyone at Aussizz is registered.


Aussizz Group Website and Services


Next in our Aussizz Group Immigration Services Review, we take a closer look at the Aussizz Group website and their offered services.


The website is very neat, user friendly and seems to have well written and useful information.

Aussizz Group Immigration Services blog

Aussizz Group Immigration Services blog


They have a Blog section that is regularly updated with immigration news, tips, and settlement information. The blogs are informative, well written and easy to understand.


On the other hand, the Aussizz Group’s website does not have Disclaimer, T&Cs, and Privacy Policy pages.


This is very concerning as these pages contain very important information for users and prospective clients.


Aussizz Group’s website also has a link to a course page. Here they claim to offer International Language Test Systems (IELTS) training.


The link on their website takes you to an explanation video. The video gives details on the course, although it is not mentioned whether they charge any fee for the course or not.


In reviewing Aussizz Group, we also took a look at their services. Other than offering various immigration services to Canada and Australia, they also offer the following:


  • Health Insurance;
  • Nursing Program;
  • IELTS Coaching; and
  • Flights, Hotels and Holiday Packages


Aussizz Group Social Media and Online Reviews


The company has a testimonials page on their website that has numerous videos of happy clients, who received immigration services from Aussizz.


The reviews are well documented and leave a very good impression of Aussizz Group and what they have managed to achieve.

Aussizz Group Immigration Services social media reviews

Aussizz Group Immigration Services social media review

In terms of online reviews, we managed to find a few on Google and its safe to say they nailed it. Aussizz Group has positive reviews all around.


The company has a Facebook page, that has over 250,000 likes. The page is well updated with information from their blog section; however, there is little interaction between the page and fans

– disappointing.


Aussizz also have a Twitter page that is just as impressive as their Facebook page.

Can you Trust Aussizz? Our Conclusion


In our Aussizz Group Immigration Services review we found that they focus on client satisfaction and quality service.


So far we have been impressed by Aussizz as an immigration consultant. With their background and reputation in Canadian and Australian immigration we see no reason to doubt their credibility.


However, the problem is that they do not have a RCIC in their company and if they do, it needs to be rectified on their website. Their social media interaction also has room for improvement.


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