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Canadian Visa Scams

Ghost Consultants in Canada

Immigrating to Canada can be an exciting new venture or a devastating experience depending on how the admin involved is handled. It is easy to fall victim to questionable characters known as Canadian immigration ghost consultants who sell a false dream of opportunity and charge significant fees for immigration services they are unauthorised to charge fees for.

Individuals such as these prey on the desperation of potential immigrants who seek a better life in Canada and exploit that desperation at exorbitant costs. These ghost consultants operate illegally outside the country to avoid liability of the laws intact and beyond the reach of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

Potential Immigrants are thus lured under the false promise of a higher paying job and a working Visa when in real fact they are being exploited out of vast sums of money for a two-year permit or jobs that aren’t even delivered. The ghost consultant unscrupulously accepts the money of the immigrant and in turn, the immigrant goes through an interview process likely to be denied of a job or a refund of all the money spent in the application process. Furthermore, those who aren’t employed are helpless unless they hire a lawyer in Canada in hopes of retrieving any lost sums of money.

The internet is a dangerous breeding ground for potential immigrants because hundreds of businesses feign to offer a long-term solution to their problems. Potential immigrants should exercise caution when handling such dealings and they should also be aware of misleading advertisements. In addition, the Canadian government has taken steps to address the fraudulent activities of ghost immigration consultants by encouraging foreign governments to expose dubious consultants as well as creating awareness on websites in Canada and abroad of the risks of engaging with such individuals. It is important to note that the only individuals who are authorized to handle or assist applications are lawyers or paralegals, members in good standing of a provincial or territorial law society or the Chambre des notaires du Québec or the Immigration Consultants of Canada  Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

The immigrant should ascertain clarity on whether the person they are dealing with are either one of the above and it is highly recommended that the immigrant request a registration number, direct phone number and e-mail address to assure the legitimacy of the questionable consultant. The Canadian government And the ICCRC have therefore provided a forum for the general public to voice any concerns on immigration matters as well as report any kind of fraudulent activity. These complaints are in turn forwarded to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) who is responsible for taking over any queries on the abuse of the visa system or consultant fraud.

Should the immigrant want to report to the ICCRC directly, they may visit the official site at:

Report to the ICCRC

If the immigrant would like to check the legitimacy of the consultant they may also search the members by name, location, company and other criteria at:





19 Discussion to this page

  1. Alberto says:

    Buenas tardes.
    Me gustaria saber informacion sobre Canadian Visa Professionals,, porque hemos iniciado un proceso con ellos pero ahora nos sentimos un poco desconfiados, después de leer toda esta información sobre los fraudes inmigratorios. Muchas Gracias!!!

  2. Golu says:

    Globel Quest immigration consultancy … please let me know review of the same

  3. Zubair Khalid says:

    Hi, I started my process with ‘Migration Expert’. So please let me know if they are trusted agents.

  4. April Anne Alinio says:

    Hi, can u check atlantic canada recruitment & immigration inc. (ACRII) if its legit? they dont have website. but my friends that are based in canada told me they are legit.


  5. Angela Kelechi says:

    Hi, I have almost started processing my visa with CanEmp company , are they trust worthy . Thank you

    • Tanuja says:

      Hi Angela,

      Hope you are doing well, I am going to start my process with Canemp Canada company. Please do let me know how was your experience with them.

      would you recommend me to go ahead ?.


  6. jacinta says:

    hi! i’m jacinta

    i would very much like to know if the canadianvisaexpert is a true legal company or a scam, cause everything about them seems to be too good to be true….thank you…

  7. Japheth says:

    I have engaged Canadavisaexpert to help with my application for permanent resident visa to Canada and have paid part of the fee. Please help me to confirm their authenticity.

    I look forward for your response.

  8. selly says:

    Hi,I have been looking for an agent that will handle my immigration case to my satisfaction. These three agents offered me good services but I don’t know if they are for real and therw is no information about them on your site
    Can you tell me if any or all of the are legit?

  9. Sabrina says:


    I’ve come upon a visa consultant from Canada with a branch in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where I live. However, I’m not sure if they can be trusted – though they have an ICCRC number and claim to be members of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC), I came upon a page on the internet while researching them that says that they are ‘unauthorized practitioners of law for a fee’. Wonder if this just means that they are not to be mistaken for lawyers, but can be ‘trusted’ as agents or consultant…?

    Could you please do a review on I’d be most obliged. Thank you for this amazing service!

  10. Ana Costa says:

    Hi there! I have a question… I received a call (after cliking to an advert from facebook) and the person offered me the oppportunity to start my migration process. Of course I’d have to pay for it… I dont know, I am very afraid of scams… how can I be sure the person wasn’t a bad person and the proposal was real?

    • Canadian Visa Review says:

      Good Day,

      Thank you for contacting us. We are very much aware that dealing with unknown consultancies can be a very scary matter and that is precisely why we conduct these reviews on behalf of people such as yourself. Could you please provide us with the name of the immigration consultancy you have been dealing with?

      Kind Regards,

      • Ana says:

        Thank you for your answer.
        The consultant’s was on behalf of Canadian Visa Express… I’ve got his name and a number of identification, but I’m not going to post it public, for security reason. If you have other way to see it, I can send it to you.

  11. I want one visa you give me

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