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After being scammed ourselves and witnessing others lose their hard-earned money on the Canadian Immigration process, we at Canadian Visa Review decided to create this review website. We are not associated with any Canadian Visa company and do not offer visas, but are merely a source of information for those individuals looking to immigrate through reputable organisations.

As the team at Canadian Visa Review is well aware of the time and cost, expectation and excitement that comes into play when planning and going through the immigration process, we are now dedicated to pointing out these scammers and ensuring you steer clear of anything that may threaten your immigration process and finances.

About Canadian Visa Review

Canadian Visa Review is a review site that gives you the exclusive news and stories on Canadian Immigration Agencies.

Here at Canadian Visa Review, we offer advice to foreign nationals who are looking to immigrate to Canada. Our aim is to help applicants wanting to immigrate to Canada in the shortest possible time by guiding them towards Qualified Immigration Agencies and Law Firms, including keeping them up to date with immigration Canadian Immigration News.

The Canadian Visa Review website focuses on exposing immigration-related website fraudsters but also praises legitimate companies for the commendable work they are doing in assisting individuals in finding a better life. They are analytical and thorough in both cases and posess knowledge in Canadian immigration policies and requirements, as well as website etiquette.

Unfortunately, we cannot assist with visa applications, however, we can assist and recommend the Immigration Agencies you can trust and warn you of the scam Immigration Agencies you should stay away from.

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We value feedback from our website visitors and encourage anyone who has been scammed or suspects suspicious activity to report the company to us so that we can review it and help others avoid the same fate.

Click HERE to report a possible scam.

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At Canadian Visa Review we provide a clear and concise overview of Immigration Companies you can trust and Scam Artists you should stay away from. Copy is written in house but please send us details of what you want to advertise.

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  1. Anna says:


    Do you have any feedback about Pinoycare VIsa and Immigration Consultancy? Thanks!

  2. David Brownridge says:

    You highly recommend foreign students wishing to obtain a student visa (to Canada for example) should use a visa consultant service. Meanwhile Canada Immigration and Visa (for example) says this is not necessary. So, my obvious question is: Is the student visa process so difficult and onerous that visa consultants are considered ‘best’ or necessary??

  3. Bamevisa says:


    how to contact

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